Keep Track of Shipments Anywhere, Any Time.

Shipping & Receiving Explained

Track Shipments

Track shipments across your organization using a smartphone-based barcode scanning application.

Track Deliveries

Review and track deliveries across your organization from a convenient and easy-to-use mobile application.

Enterprise-grade Mobile Scanning

Employees can scan items with a smartphone or tablet to quickly update the status of a shipment or delivery.


Business Impact

Reduced Costs

Streamline your shipping and receiving operations to reduce how much you have to spend managing those processes.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce the total cost of ownership of dedicated hardware by deploying smartphones for a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Hardware Replacement

Replace expensive, outdated legacy hardware with an easy-to-use mobile application that tracks shipments and deliveries.

Scandit Products for Shipping & Receiving

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning into your mobile shipping or receiving app using our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Are you a developer?

Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional scanning experience without the need for additional electronic components, all while protecting your smartphone using our new, ergonomic accessory.

Scandit Flow

Build your data capture solutions in just 30 minutes. From simple forms to complex workflows, get going fast.

Are you a developer?

Ernst Kienzl

Employee at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Scandit Flow consolidated our tasks to a single device capable of all our track and trace needs. The mobile app is also easy to operate, making employee adoption quick and painless.

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