1D Symbologies

Symbology RM4SCC


  • Used by the Royal Mail for its Cleanmail service
  • Enables UK postcodes as well as Delivery Point Suffixes (DPSs) to be easily read by a machine at high speed
  • There are strict guidelines governing usage of these barcodes, which allow for maximum readability by machines
  • Can be used with Royal Mail’s Cleanmail system as an alternative to OCR readable fonts
  • Allows businesses to easily and cheaply send large quantities of letters

Each character is made up of 4 bars, 2 of which extend upward, and 2 of which extend downward. The combination of the top and bottom halves gives 36 possible symbols: 10 digits and 26 letters.

The RM4SCC barcode on the right consists of a start character, the postcode, the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS), a checksum character, and a stop character. The DPS is a two-character code ranging from 1A to 9T, with codes 9U to 9Z being accepted as default codes when no DPS has been allocated.