Top 5 Gadgets from CES 2013

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Top 5 Gadgets from CES 2013

Last week we took a look at the top 5 impressive mobile stats from 2012 and the top 5 creative uses of QR codes, and this week we’re continuing in the “top 5” spirit by taking a look at some of the awesome gadgets from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Here are our top 5 picks from this year’s CES:


Sony Xperia Z 

The Sony Xperia Z is at first glance, simply another high-end Android smartphone. That is until you drop it in the toilet. This device has been rated to be able to handle 30 minutes underwater, contains shatterproof glass and is built with durable glass fibre polyamide, a substitute for metal in automobiles. The highly durable Android device also features a 5 inch Full HD display, a 13MP camera and HDR video recording for media-loving smartphone owners.  Check out this demo video Sony put together:


Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex smartbraclet is a fitness lovers dream which tracks your activity, exercise, sleep and calorie intake. The wearer can set personal goals online or through their mobile devices, and then monitor their progress as data begins to roll in from the device. The Fitbit Flex also has some really neat tricks, for instance a silent alarm can wake you at ideal time in a window of your choosing through a vibration in the bracelet. This can help tired couples get better rest. Pre-orders start at just $100, check out the scoop:


The Pebble Watch

The Pebble Watch is a “smartwatch” which allows users to download “watchfaces” and apps with ease. The watch will also connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth to provide notifications for calls, emails and messages. The most interesting fact about this watch is that it was a Kickstarter phenomenon, raising over 10 million dollars from the popular crowdsourcing site. The first Pebble watches will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on January 23rd, and pre-orders are available to the public for $150. Check it out:


3D Systems CubeX

The era of (kind of) affordable 3D printers has arrived! The CubeX is a high-end desktop 3D printer offering a build area of 10.8×10.45×9.5 inches, and has models to support either 2-color or 3-color printing. The CubeX, starting at $2,500, is also the first 3D printer that can print in both ABS and PLA plastics. Check out the CubeX in action:



The Russian-created Yotaphone is a unique device which combines the functionality of a high-end smartphone with an E-Ink reader. The smartphone itself runs Android 4.1, boasts a 4.3 inch 720p screen, a 13MP camera and a nice 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. The real magic exists on the backside of the device, which functions as an E-Ink reader and can show notifications from your phone.  This battery saving smartphone is sure to get Kindle lovers excited. The Yotaphone should be ready to ship in Q3 2013. Check out this in-depth review by Endgaget: