Use Cases

Learn how mobile barcode scanning can transform your business.

Mobile Shopping

Smartphone-based barcode scanning makes it easy for customers to interact with products in or out of the store and enables them to connect digitally with your enterprise at any time, driving more engaging and rewarding shopping experiences.

Augmented Product Information

Scandit’s computer vision technology enables users to get instant digital access to specific product information such as performance or quality reviews, demonstrations and videos to help them get the most out of their purchases.

mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)

Scandit computer vision enables retailers to provide employees with smart device-based enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality and create a robust, reliable Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) process.


Our mobile data capture solution supports clienteling by giving sales associates real-time access to product and customer data, paving the way for superior service.

Click and Collect

Customers create orders of items either in or out of the store and arrange to pick up the items in a physical store or other distribution facility. When the customer arrives, employees scan the order barcode and use AR to easily locate each item, drastically cutting wait times.

In-Store Order Picking

Use Scandit software-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality to optimize the order picking process.

Self Scanning & Self Checkout

Customers can use a computer vision-enabled self-scanning app to add products to a virtual and physical cart and pay for their order, speeding up the checkout process and saving valuable front-of-store space.

Price Verification

A Scandit-powered mobile app enables employees to use barcode scanning and OCR with AR to scan products and get instant price label verification. This significantly speeds up the verification process and reduces human error.

Search and Find

A barcode scanning-enabled mobile app enables employees to quickly locate an item based on predefined criteria. An augmented reality overlay highlights the correct match on the screen of the employee’s smart device. The intuitive digital feedback reduces strain on employees and enables them to spend less time searching for products.

Shipping and Receiving

Develop a computer vision-enabled mobile app to enable your employees to use smartphones to complete shipping & receiving tasks more quickly and with far fewer errors.

ID Verification

Using barcode, text and object recognition in a mobile app, users can scan drivers’ licenses, passports and other forms of personal identification to verify the identity of parcel recipients in instances where this is required to complete the delivery process.

Rewards & Coupons

Retailers can leverage augmented reality functionality in a Scandit-powered mobile app to show personalized deals as the consumer is shopping. As a consumer is viewing products using the built-in smartphone camera, AR overlays can present personalized “coupons” on the device screen.

Stock Taking & Inventory Management

Create more efficient stock taking and inventory management workflows with Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology.

Shelf Management

In a single scan, employees can capture barcode data on all the items on shelves in an aisle and using AR they can identify items targeted for markdown, check stock, and verify prices.

Post & Parcel

Depot Search & Find

When a customer picks up a package, staffers can locate the right parcel faster by highlighting the correct barcode with an augmented reality-enabled smart device.

Remote Pickup at Third-Party Locations

Third-party parcel pickup locations don’t need to be equipped with any dedicated scanning hardware. Employees with a smart device and a mobile computer vision-enabled app can receive parcels, do search and find, and perform proof of delivery when a customer picks up an item.


When drivers load parcels, they can hold their smartphone over multiple items and read them all in a single scan. They can also get augmented reality feedback right on their device screen instructing them how to place packages more efficiently.

Identifying Special Parcels

While printed labels may encourage theft and are unable to store real-time information, mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality can highlight packages which are high-value, timed, are undergoing changes in delivery address, or have other special real-time instructions.


Employees can hover their smart device over multiple packages and receive instructions on how to sort parcels from augmented reality overlays. This improves accuracy as well as saves a considerable amount of time.

Undelivered Parcel Sorting

Returned and undelivered parcels can be processed and sorted much faster by an employee or temporary worker performing barcode scanning with a lightweight, easy-to-use smart device.

Driver Search and Find

Drivers can locate parcels in their vehicle by hovering over packages with an augmented reality-enabled smart device that highlights multiple parcels and provides real-time data, such as up-to-date delivery information and the next items due to be delivered.

Digital Parcel Status Check

Drivers can scan a parcel with a mobile computer vision-enabled smart device right before delivery to check that all special requirements have been met.

Streamline Proof of Delivery

Drivers don’t need dedicated handheld scanners anymore. They can rely on a smartphone to scan barcodes, record an electric signature, verify and ID, or take a picture of a client. Smartphones also allow drivers to take a picture of where the package has been left, reducing risk of theft and documenting its condition.


Order Entry

Mobile Order Entry gives buyers access to important product information, enables quick and easy ordering, and turns smartphones into decision-making tools that help them to do their jobs faster and more effectively — from wherever they are.

Asset Management

Asset Management with computer vision-enabled mobile devices enables enterprises to easily keep track of equipment and other items, helping users to make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

Mobile Proof of Delivery

Scandit’s advanced data capture technology, along with built-in device cameras enable staff to instantly capture proof of delivery and document damaged or missing shipments.

Shipping and Receiving

Computer vision software brings enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities to your mobile application, enabling any employee to perform shipping and receiving tasks accurately and easily.


Field Services

A barcode scanning-enabled mobile app enables employees to quickly retrieve equipment service records in the field and order replacement parts. This shortens response times and improves customer satisfaction. Users also gain visibility into the status and location of field assets and technicians.

Asset Management

A computer vision-enabled mobile asset management app helps employees track assets in the manufacturing process, gain a more detailed understanding of how assets are used, and ensure equipment is well-maintained and operating at peak performance.

Shipping and Receiving

Scandit-powered smart devices are capable of documenting shipments in real time, making authentication and reporting damaged or missing items simple.

Mobile Proof of Delivery

Scandit’s advanced data capture technology, along with built-in device cameras enable staff to instantly capture proof of delivery and document damaged or missing shipments.


Patient Care Apps

Mobile computer vision software-enabled patient care apps enable healthcare professionals to use smart devices to scan barcodes to access medical records management systems and improve patient care.

Pharmacy Apps

Scandit-powered mobile pharmacy apps enable customers and employees to gain instant access to drug-related information and prescription fulfillment instructions.


Asset Tracking

Smart devices equipped with an asset tracking app help government agencies closely monitor and maintain assets, prevent theft and ensure compliance with regulations. Barcode scanning with a smart device-based app connects users with asset metadata in seconds and helps users access detailed information on location, history, status and other critical details.

Document Tracking

Using smartphone-based barcode scanning for document tracking enables users to access and store critical information such as location, current user, descriptive details and status of documents as they move through the enterprise.


Health and Fitness Apps

Health and Fitness apps allow consumers to track biometrics, nutrition and exercise information. These apps benefit from the use of a camera-based barcode scanner that allows users to quickly scan their food items to log nutritional information.

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing streamlines a critical business process for event organizers while improving customer experience and reducing costs. Our Barcode Scanner SDK is tailored to enhance mobile ticketing applications, with relevant features such as low-lit scanning and support for all common ticketing code types.

VIN Scanning

Use a Scandit mobile computer vision solution to enable fast vehicle identification with mobile devices, drones, robots, and wearables.

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