Time to Replace Handheld Barcode Scanners

Smart devices are replacing handheld scanners as the de facto devices for last mile workflows, from the depot to the doorstep.

Switch From Handheld Portable Scanners to Smartphone Scanning

Unexpected peaks and booming eCommerce are the new reality. With scalability more critical than ever, smartphone scanning provides a flexible, cost-efficient alternative to dedicated devices. Frontline workers use a single, familiar device to speed through their day-to-day tasks. Learn why enterprises are making this change.

Last mile delivery barcode scanning on smartphone

The Right Hardware and Scanning Software is Transformative

Scaling last mile technology without incurring massive operational costs is a huge challenge.  When assessing hardware scanners versus scanning-enabled apps on smart devices – are old assumptions affecting your decisions?

Watch our webinar to see Samsung and Scandit bust five often cited smartphone myths – including showing how the XCover Pro with Scandit-software performs against popular handheld barcode scanners.

Scandit and Samsung experts also took part in a special Q&A session to deep dive into audience questions on this topic.

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Hardware Versus Software Scanning Myths Busted

dedicated device replacement illustration

Scandit-powered apps match dedicated scanners and significantly outperform other scanning software solutions.


Scandit in the last mile
Why Deploy Smartphones in the Enterprise?

Swiss Post Share Their Story

Hear in their own words why Swiss Post replaced dedicated devices with Scandit-powered apps on smartphones for over 3000 postal workers.

Watch this webcast to see the main reasons driving the change from hardware scanners, the challenges during deployment in COVID and the benefits delivered by the switch to software-based scanning with Scandit.

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Smartphones Don’t Disrupt Last Mile Workflows

Last Mile workflows are at the core of your value chain. Any delay, error or downtime within these workflows easily becomes a cost center, while potentially negatively impacting on your customers’ satisfaction.

Here we highlight how smartphones not only don’t disrupt traditional workflows, they can add speed, efficiency and innovation to last mile processes, while still typically being x3 lower cost than dedicated scanners.

Maintain Workflows –
Push to Scan

Some smartphones have customizable buttons for similar usage to dedicated devices.

Just aim, push-to-scan and select the right barcode, more control, no disruption of workflows, and high acceptance with long tenured employees.

Improve Workflows –
Continuous Scan

No need to press a button to trigger scanning for fast and efficient high volume scanning.

Less fatigue compared to hardware scanners, select different symbologies when multiple present and minimal training is required.

Innovate Workflows –
MatrixScan AR

Support employees with real-time feedback on screen enabling high efficiency batch scanning.

Visualize workflows and errors with AR overlays providing instant feedback of task completion or other essential information.

We’re happy to help you get started with Scandit

instacart logo“Scandit technology allows our couriers to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily. We have been able to add new mobile handsets and retire old barcode scanners as they reach the end of their lifespan, ensuring there is no disruption to our operations.”Chris Ashworth, CIO, Hermes UK

Tackle your business challenges with smartphone scanning

Watch WebinarHow Smartphone Scanning helps Deal With Seasonal Surges

Learn why cost-effective, flexible, ubiquitous, smartphones are an ideal solution to help rapidly scale resources with planned and unplanned peaks.

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Learn why the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a device that delivery drivers are happy to keep on them all day, tough enough to cope, built for data capture, powered by Scandit.

Case StudyHermes UK Lower TCO with Scandit & Samsung

Hermes is replacing thousands of dedicated hardware scanners with Scandit-enabled devices to lower TCO and provide a more flexible and intuitive Last Mile delivery solution.