Barcode Haikus: Poetry for the 21st Century

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Barcode Haikus: Poetry for the 21st Century


Some time ago we pioneered a new form of poetry known as the Haikode, which is really a barcode-themed Haiku. To our pleasant surprise, this has become a worldwide phenomenon, with barcode obsessed poets popping up in every major city. We’re even planning to host the first ever HaiKON at the Moscone Center in San Francisco next spring…maybe. Stay tuned!!

Today we wanted to share a few of our recent favorites, including a special Haikode for the US Elections:


Barcodes #FTW

The datamatrix

Will be counting on your vote

From the ballot stub


Spooky Barcode Dreams

The barcode woke up

From his feverish nightmare

NFC monsters


The Leisure Life

It’s time to relax

Enjoy the golden sunset

On the UP Sea


Want more Haikodes? Check our Twitter every Friday for a fresh Haikode from our master poets.

We’re always looking for new poets to carry on this incredible tradition. Please leave your own Haikodes in the comments section below!