Coop@Home creates Tesco-like shopping experience using the Scandit SDK

Coop@home, the highly popular app of the Swiss national retail chain Coop, is disrupting the world of grocery shopping by combining mobile shopping with home delivery. In extending the traditional supermarket experience with virtual shelves, the experience of grocery shopping is completely transformed and waiting in line is no longer necessary. The grocery store is now everywhere there is a product or everywhere product information can be displayed. Imagine turning your kitchen into a store, where restocking groceries is a simple matter of scanning the items you’re low on. Every interaction with a product becomes an opportunity to purchase.  Users can also easily scan to make and store shopping lists for later use.  Check out the app screenshots and incredible photos we took below that show how coop@home has turned a simple sidewalk into a grocery store aisle:




The amount of time that can be saved by turning your home into a virtual extension of the marketplace is extreme. No more waiting in traffic or checkout lines. If you’re in Switzerland, go ahead and try it out! You can scan the barcode right off the screen and get pasta sauce delivered to your home. It’s really that simple.