The Scandit Case

Point-To-Scan Accessory, Without Breakable Electronics

  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to dedicated scanners
  • No breakable electronic components
  • Leverage all other smartphone features
  • Scandit supports solutions for Android and iOS devices

Scandit Case Benefits

  • Just align visual cue with barcode to scan
  • Natural scan position allows for faster and more efficient scanning
  • Illuminates barcode in dark settings
  • Scan triggered with tactile external button – even wearing gloves
  • Operates with no additional smartphone battery drain

Scandit Case for The Container Store’s «GoShop! Scan and Deliver» Program

With the Scandit Case, The Container Store gives consumers a convenient shopping tool that blends seamlessly into their mobile app-centric lives. Scandit Case provides the protection, ergonomics, durability and accuracy needed to turn consumer-grade smartphones into enterprise-grade scanning devices.

Efficient Scanning with Split View Technology

Patent-pending split view technology lets the user choose the preferred scanning method: perform traditional forward, point-to-scan barcode reading with an aiming light, or scan via the camera viewfinder for scanning multiple barcodes at once comparable to image capturing.