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Optimise Retail Operations with Scandit
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Retail Responses to COVID with Lasting Impact

COVID changed the way people shop with a rapid shift to eCommerce, forcing retailers to react. We showcase key 2020 lessons and how they’ll impact 2021.

Tackling the Last Mile
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Tackling Last Mile Workflows with Smartphone Scanning

Download this webcast to learn about the different ways smartphones can be deployed in a typical last mile workflow of loading a van. Live demos & more

scanning products with scandit
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Smartphone Scanning in the Last Mile

Hear Swiss Post talk first-hand about their decision and experiences deploying Scandit-enabled smartphones in the last mile during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Get Ready for the Seasonal Surge

How smartphone scanning can help both retailers and logistics companies deal with seasonal surges in demand.

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Smartphone Scanning Myth-busting – Live Q&A

Join this Q&A session with Samsung and Scandit to dig deeper into the topics of smartphones versus dedicated scanning hardware.

doctor mobile scanning
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How UCSF Health Deployed a Smartphone Solution

Check out this webinar to hear how smartphones can empower healthcare staff and how a mobile solution can be implemented in a short time frame.

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The Future of Scan-and-Go

In this podcast, Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga, Omni Talk Co-CEOs, sit down with Justin Corbell, Scandit VP Business Development, to discuss the future of scan-and-go, checkout-free retail and the future of in-store operations.

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Why it’s Time for Scan & Go: Now & Beyond COVID-19

Learn how Scan & Go offers cleaner, safer, low-contact shopping solutions amidst COVID-19 & beyond.

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Busting smartphone-scanning myths with the Samsung XCover Pro

Hear common myths about smartphone scanning being busted – highlighting some surprising stats and exploring why the new XCover Pro is an ideal device for any enterprise.

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Five Questions Logistics Companies Should Ask About Mobile Data Capture Solutions

In this short webcast, our technical expert examines the five questions you should ask when comparing scanning-enabled smart devices versus dedicated scanners – and shares insights to help you get your answers.

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Rapid Workforce Scaling: Best Practice Insight from Other Industries

Watch Scandit’s Christain Floerkemeier and Felix Steiger share lessons learnt from other industries and how hiring upwards of 100,000 people in a short time is now business as usual for many retail and logistics customers.

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Self-Scanning Success: From KPIs to ROI

See detailed insights on the business impact you can expect from self-scanning with some eye popping figures, and learn how to track and effectively measure success.