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Descubra cómo nuestros clientes utilizan nuestros productos y soluciones.

Estudio de caso

Colruyt - Smartphone Scanning Streamlines Store Operations and Increases Productivity

As part of their drive to optimize retail operations, they replaced shared, dedicated scanning devices with high-performance, Scandit-powered smartphones for over 16,000 store staff.

Estudio de caso

Rappi - 30% Improvement in Shopper Productivity with BYOD Smartphone Scanning App

Rappi replaced the open source scanning software used by shoppers for order picking on their BYOD smartphones with Scandit’s barcode scanning solution.

the warehouse
Estudio de caso

The Warehouse - Scanning-enabled Apps Reduced TCO 3x, Increased Flexibility to Scale at Speed

In equipping store team members with scanning-enabled consumer devices, The Warehouse reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) three times over compared to the expensive, dedicated devices and smartphone sleds they had previously used.

Estudio de caso

SunPower - Simplifying Solar System Installation With MatrixScan-Enabled Commissioning App

SunPower™, a leading solar technology and energy services provider, re-engineered automated workflows by integrating fast and accurate MatrixScan barcode scanning in their commissioning app, SunPower Pro Connect.

Estudio de caso

Decathlon - Smartphone Scanning Accuracy Raises In-app Purchases to 10% of Digital Sales

Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer addressed real estate constraints in physical stores in Asia, increasing the customer’s product visibility in-store by integrating Scandit’s barcode scanning solution with their customer app.

Estudio de caso

Everli - Simplificación de la experiencia del shopper gracias a una app de escaneo BYOD sin errores

Everli agilizó sus de pedidos en tienda sustituyendo la verificación manual por la solución de escaneo de códigos de barras de Scandit integrada en su app.

Estudio de caso

AEON Retail - Ultra-Fast Self-Scanning App Increases Store Sales by 5%

AEON Retail, Japan’s largest retail corporation created a pleasant, gamified shopping experience with their RegiGo app powered by Scandit.

Estudio de caso

Elektro-Material - Supercharging App Ordering with 5x Faster Scanning

Switzerland’s market leader in electrical installations powered the performance of their EM order app with Scandit’s super-fast scanning solution.

Estudio de caso

Helthjem - Un escaneo 4 veces más rápido mejora las experiencias PUDO

La velocidad y precisión del escaneo móvil ahorra tiempo a los empleados de paquetería y mejora la experiencia en tienda del cliente, que puede recoger o dejar los paquetes rápidamente.

Estudio de caso

Agrippa - Augmented Reality Takes Warehouse Smartphone App to the Next Level

Augmented reality takes warehouse smartphone app to the next level.

Estudio de caso

Shipt - Comestibles de la tienda a la puerta con el escaneo ultrarrápido de BYOD

Shipt responde con velocidad a las fluctuaciones de demanda gracias a una ultrarrápida app de escaneo de códigos de barras impulsada por Scandit.

Estudio de caso

Supersmart - 5x Faster Processing, Slashes In-store Checkout Wait Times

With Scandit’s fast and accurate scanning engine in the Supersmart app, self-checkouts at its in-store validation stations process five times more customer checkouts hourly compared to regular cashier stations.