Enphase Energy

Enphase uses mobile computer vision to easily manage energy storage systems and streamline field service installations in more than 21 countries.

Enphase Energy is a leading global provider of home and commercial energy management technology.

Headquartered in Petaluma, California, the company operates in 21 countries and employs more than 500 people. The Enphase Home Energy Solution includes a microinverter system for the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry and an energy storage system.

Starting Point- Enphase needed to improve information access and communications in the field

Manual information transfer was causing problems with microinverter installations. Field service technicians were not able to quickly inventory equipment, leading to customer support challenges. They needed to scan microinverter serial numbers to sync information with Enphase Enlighten, a back-end monitoring software. As a result, installations were often slow or prone to difficulties when remote troubleshooting was necessary.

Vision- Let technicians use their own mobile devices during installations

Enphase sought to enable field service technicians to accurately and efficiently track and install microinverters using mobile data capture. Real-time access to back-end information would allow verification of installations on the Enphase system. Furthermore, technicians would be able to build layouts and sync info with Enphase Enlighten during the installation process. Contractors would be able to use their own devices, helping cut costs of deploying dedicated devices and maintaining hardware.

Solution- Enphase Integrates Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into the Installer Toolkit App

Enphase created the Installer Toolkit mobile app, which allows syncing of installation data and provides inventory logistics and commissioning capabilities for local utilities. It also enables wireless communication with headquarters for faster system setup and verification. Slow initial adoption made Enphase realize built-in functionality for scanning microinverter serial numbers would improve ease of use. Enphase integrated the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Scandit’s high degree of reliability and accuracy ensured correct scans, reducing installation time — even in challenging scenarios such as glare from bright roof lighting.

The Results- Enphase experiences smoother installations with higher mobile app usage.

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK allows Enphase to deliver enterprise-grade mobile scanning with a lower TCO by eliminating dedicated scanning hardware. Mobile analytics enable deeper understanding of installation workflows, as well as employee performance and productivity. Thanks to increased ease of use, barcode scanning during installs has risen 62%. Improved scanning accuracy has reduced the number of install visits. Enphase looks forward to continued scanning improvements, with regular Scandit upgrades distributed via the cloud.

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