Tokyu Hands

Scandit technology provides the barcode scanning speed Tokyu Hands needs to create a mobile shopping app that drives revenue and helps connect shoppers with the products they love.

The app that connects shoppers with the products they love

Tokyu Hands is a Japanese retail chain that sells a wide range of products that include hobby, art, lifestyle and do-it-yourself (DIY) supplies. Founded in 1976, its corporate focus is to provide the ideas and materials that enrich the lives of customers in a creative way. Today, Tokyu Hands operates over 38 retail stores throughout Japan, China, and Singapore, with a revenue of more than ¥87.6 billion per year.

An omnichannel experience to meet the creative needs of customers

As part of an evolving omnichannel retail strategy, Tokyu Hands wanted to provide a new way for customers to interact with stores and purchase the products they love using personal smartphones. With a chain of retail outlets and a successful online store, Tokyu Hands needed a more convenient and easy way to shop that met the demands of mobile customers. They settled on developing a mobile shopping app that would give shoppers the option to make purchases in the store, or on the go.

A mobile shopping app that connects passion to purchase

Tokyu Hands envisioned a mobile app that could connect shoppers to their favorite store products instantly, allowing them to make purchases wherever, whenever— even after they had left the store. As part of the greater omnichannel strategy, Tokyu Hands sought to make an app that fit today’s modern shopper and the shifting customer journey from passion to purchase. The leadership at Tokyu Hands wanted a way for shoppers to be able to interact with products while in and out of stores, allowing customers to scan and bookmark their favorite store items quickly for a later purchase from their smartphone or tablet.

A personalized mobile shopping app with enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities

To bring the Tokyo Hands app to life, it was essential for customers to be able to quickly scan to look up products and bookmark items for a later purchase. Tokyu Hands realized the app would need high-performance barcode scanning software to make many of its core functionalities possible. This meant that the barcode scanner had to be able to scan barcodes across many products and surfaces with speed and accuracy. Tokyu Hands chose Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK for their mobile shopping app because it was the only solution that provided the speed and ease-of-use they felt was necessary to make their app a success with customers.

A new mobile channel to drive revenue and increase customer loyalty

Since the launch, more than 250,000 customers have downloaded the app to personal smartphones and tablets. With about a thousand scans occurring each day in stores, customers are interacting with their favorite products and bookmarking them for later purchases at home or on-the-go. As a result, Tokyu Hands has created a new revenue channel and increased sales through the mobile shopping app. Meanwhile, customers enjoy the benefits of a personal and interactive shopping experience that keeps them returning again and again.

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Scandit’s interactive scanning technology brought our mobile shopping app to life and helped create a new channel to drive revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Hideki Hasegawa

CTO, Tokyu Hands

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