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Activating Employee Superpower: Counting Speed

Counting inventory or received goods is one of the most tedious tasks in retail for workers – so help them do it 10x faster counting with guaranteed accuarcy with Scandit MatrixScan Count.


Get the ‘5 Rights’ of Medication Administration Right

Medication administration accuracy is non-negotiable within healthcare. Smart data capture enabled smart devices offer a better solution over dedicated scanners to meet high accuracy standards.

air travel made easy with mobile id scanning

Air Travel Made Easy with Smart Data Capture

See how Scandit’s ID Scanning can make air travel processes friction-free.


Superpowers in the Supermarket with Scandit Augmented Reality (AR)

Adding AR to self-scanning apps gives customers the power to experience a new way of shopping.


L’avenir des opérations en magasin

Le paysage du commerce de détail est en constante évolution. La priorité étant maintenant l’omnicanal, nous avons demandé aux leaders du retail en Europe leur point de vue sur le rôle futur des magasins, les défis auxquels ils seront confrontés au cours des deux prochaines années et le rôle que jouera la technologie.


Deliver Age-Restricted Products: Fast and Friction-Free

Our infographic takes you through the process of using smart devices to do age verification checks in the last mile. From implementation to the customer’s front door.

infographic Technicians Journey

Field Service Workflows: A Technician’s Journey

Think of a Scandit-enabled smartphone as a pocket assistant – readily at hand to boost a technician’s efficiency during their working day. Here’s how it can save time with routine tasks and boost customer satisfaction.


How the Pandemic is Forcing Grocers To Up Their Omnichannel Game

Here is an infographic on our exclusive order fulfillment research, looking into the effects the pandemic has had on grocery stores and online retail.

The Warehouse reduced TCO

How The Warehouse Reduced TCO with Scandit-enabled Smart Devices

Moving away from inflexible dedicated devices and manual order fulfilment to scanning-enabled smart devices during COVID-19, The Warehouse transitioned to a flexible scanning-enabled platform, streamlining retail operations and lowering TCO.