Scan Barcodes with Unmatched Performance

Scanning a barcode seems easy. But what if you need to scan many barcodes fast? Tiny codes? Damaged codes? In low light? From far away?

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Scandit’s barcode scanning software significantly outperforms other scanning software solutions on any device, under any condition, with any barcode.

Unmatched Speed Single scanning speed of 480 scans per minute.

Tough Codes No matter if the code is tiny, torn, or has glare, our advanced algorithms can handle it.

Wide Angles Recognize and scan a barcode from any angle, both close and far away.

Long Distance Scan normal-sized EAN or UPC codes at up to 8 feet (2.4 metres) distance.

Low Light Super-resolution barcode reader technology consistently performs even in low light.

All Smart Device Types Supports more than 20,000 smart device models – including low-end devices.