SparkScan | High-Performance Scanning Made Easy

SparkScan combines Scandit’s world-leading barcode scanning with a pre-built user interface optimized for every detail of ergonomics and efficiency.

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What is needed to transform a smartphone into a high-performance barcode scanner? A scanner that can handle not simply a few scans a day, but hundreds of scans every hour in last-mile deliveries or store operations?

With the correct software, smartphones already match dedicated scanners on raw scanning performance. But it takes expertise and intensive attention to user experience to turn a smartphone into a truly high-performance scanner.

SparkScan is the newest component of our Smart Data Capture Platform. It combines Scandit’s unrivalled scanning accuracy and speed with a pre-built user interface that crystallizes our years of experience in designing smartphone scanning.

Every detail is designed for frictionless scanning – no matter how many scans an hour you have to do.

The user interface floats on top of any smartphone application. SparkScan is ready to use out-of-the-box and can be integrated with just a few lines of code.