Sprint the Last Mile with Mobile Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

Mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality (AR) cut costs and improve processes during Last Mile delivery in ways traditional barcode scanners cannot. Advanced mobile data capture technology adds value in all three phases of Last Mile delivery: Distribution Center, Point of Delivery, and Pickup and Dropoff (PUDO).  Barcode scanning solutions based on mobile computer vision turn low-cost smart devices into powerful machines that drive efficiency and create the flexible, dynamic workforce required by Post and Parcel enterprises.

Download our whitepaper, « Mobile Computer Vision in the Post and Parcel Industry », and find out: 

  • How inexpensive smart devices equipped with visual, intuitive solutions reduce Last Mile delivery costs with little user training.
  • Why the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan and use AR overlays to access real-time sorting and delivery data is critical for process improvement.
  • How to improve traceability and accuracy, shorten delivery times, and facilitate return processes.

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Reshaping the Last Mile Journey

The Last Mile describes the final journey parcels and packages take from regional transportation hubs to their right destinations. This pivotal component of e-commerce plays a vital role in satisfying growing customer demands and optimizing supply chain efficiency. With the help of Scandit mobile computer vision, your enterprise can employ powerful digital solutions to assess and improve its Last Mile ecosystem, fostering resoundingly positive e-commerce results.


Get a glimpse into the three core aspects of the Last Mile delivery process in the sections below. Download our whitepaper to get a better understanding of how our flexible barcode and image recognition solutions deliver meaningful value to your enterprise.

1. Distribution Center

The regional Distribution Center is where the Last Mile delivery process begins. This environment sees parcels and packages sorted and loaded onto specific vehicles for speedy transportation and delivery. All other facets of the Last Mile hinge upon successful Distribution Center operations, which means that improvements here can have a massive impact on your organization’s bottom line.


Scandit’s AR-enabled solutions are designed to provide comprehensive support for Distribution Center employees, bringing simplicity and mobility to workflows. Smart devices leveraging Scandit technology offer the enterprise-grade scanning performance and reliability of dedicated barcode scanners, enabling Distribution Center staff to organize, load and manage parcels and packages quickly and accurately. Our scanning solutions can also be employed to identify parcels with special real-time instructions. By streamlining package sorting and management, Scandit’s barcode scanning technology ensures that all items are properly accounted for and loaded into the right vehicles, setting your Last Mile journey on course for success.

2. Point of Delivery

Point of Delivery is the final and most important part of the Last Mile journey—the moment when customers receive their ordered packages and parcels. Fast and accurate Point of Delivery operations are essential to streamline deliveries and maximize customer satisfaction. That’s why many e-commerce companies equip drivers and other delivery personnel with dedicated handheld scanners to complete PoD and other end-of-process tasks.


Scandit technology brings speed and simplicity at the Point of Delivery. Scandit-powered smart devices can be used by dispatchers to plan itineraries, find optimal delivery routes and track packages. Our AR-enabled solutions allow employees to use a single device for all of their delivery needs, including mobile PoD, documenting missing and damaged shipments, and checking digital parcel status. Your team can employ our PoD solution to instantly verify the condition of parcels and efficiently capture customer receipts, ensuring a seamless conclusion to your Last Mile delivery process.


PUDO operations allow e-commerce companies to deliver packages and parcels to specific locations—ranging from secure lockers to local outlets. PUDO requires careful coordination between e-commerce companies and third-party parcel pickup locations to ensure fast and smooth delivery for customers. Consequently, enterprises are turning to mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices to ensure smooth communication between employees at pickup and dropoff points.


Equipped with powerful Scandit mobile computer vision software and low-cost smart devices, employees at pickup and dropoff points can use AR feedback and overlays to quickly identify the correct parcels for customers, making third-party parcel pickup fast and simple. Our mobile computer vision tools can also be used for parcel sorting, empowering employees and temporary workers to process and sort returned or undelivered packages significantly faster. In short, Scandit technology makes PUDO interactions more efficient and consistent, optimizing your e-commerce enterprise.