More Scans on More Devices with More Barcodes

Your app needs exceptional accuracy and speed to deliver the experience modern users demand, whether they’re consumers or employees. If the app can’t work on all the necessary device types and in real-life ambient conditions, it will be unsuccessful. User studies confirm that Scandit-powered mobile apps significantly outperform other scanning software solutions on any device under any condition with any barcode.

Unmatched Speed

Instantaneous response is critical for a good user experience – ‘snappy scanning’ is key. Our single scanning speed is 480 scans per minute, reassuringly faster than any human being could cope with.

And to scan multiple barcodes at once, MatrixScan can be used to capture an entire set of barcodes in one sequence (for example, stock counts or labels with many barcodes).

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Tough Codes

Our scanner handles tough barcodes that are a problem for most mobile scanning software. No matter if the barcode is torn, has glare or is tiny, our advanced decoding algorithms can handle the toughest conditions.

Scanning tough barcodes with Scandit
Scanning wide angles with Scandit

Wide Angles

Sometimes scanning has to be done in a difficult to access space, such as on an assembly line or behind an appliance at a customer’s premises. Horizontally aligning barcodes can be difficult, but our omnidirectional barcode scanning technology makes it possible to scan barcodes from any angle with ease. And our extraordinary working range recognizes a barcode anywhere on the screen no matter where it’s placed, either close to or far away from the camera.

Long Distance

Our super resolution barcode scanning software can handle scanning at a distance with ease. The ability to scan normal sized EAN or UPC code at 8 feet distance can come in handy when codes are e.g. located high on a shelf.

Scanning long distance barcodes with Scandit
Scanning low light barcodes with Scandit

Low Light

Users are not always scanning in well lit locations – they might be in a dark stock room or a delivery van or a hospital ward at night. Scandit software consistently performs under these circumstances due to our super resolution scanner.

All Mobile Device Types

When a mobile scanning app is to be used by consumers or by employees with their own devices (BYOD – bring your own device) it must work on many different device types. Scandit software supports more than 20,000 models of smart devices – importantly, including low-end devices that lack autofocus. We issue regular software updates, for example when a device manufacturer makes a software change that affects scanning functionality.

Scandit on all devices

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