Grocery eCommerce Fulfillment and Contactless Pick-up

Scandit helps retailers to deploy smartphone scanning solutions to support eCommerce fulfillment operations in-store.

Scale-up BOPIS Operations Quickly and Safely

Our enterprise-grade scanning software integrates easily on smartphones, enabling employees to fulfil orders directly and customers to pick-up orders safely with contactless proof‑of‑delivery.

Give Every Store Associate a Scanning Device

A massive shift in priorities over the last 18 months requires stores to deal with increasing e-commerce orders with shorter lead times. Staff need the technology to make this happen.

Scandit enables you to scale-up order fulfillment by quickly deploying enterprise-grade data capture software on company-owned or on employees’ own smart devices (BYOD).

  • Smart devices are easily accessible and lower cost than procuring extra dedicated devices.
  • Retail operations can be scaled up (or down), plus employees don’t have to share devices.
  • Fulfilling orders is faster with high‑performance scanning.

One-device Strategy for a Range of Order Fulfillment Tasks

Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology turns the smartphone into a one-device strategy for the whole store. As a result, a store associate can perform a range of tasks with the same device. Here are just a few:

  • In-Store Picking, Order Pickup
  • Stock Information Check, Stock Taking, Restocking
  • Receiving, Shipping, Price label verification

Staff are familiar with smartphones and appreciate the superior user experience compared to dedicated devices. Store associates even see smartphones as a perk when retailers go for a COPE strategy.

Retail Grocery Stock Check iPhone

Whatever Device Deployment Strategy You Have in Place, We Can Help.

BYOD Scenario:
Bring Your Own Device

  • How to best migrate your existing app to camera-based scanning to accelerate deployment?
  • How to secure data on BYOD devices?

COPE Scenario:
Company Owned, Personally Enabled

  • How to configure the smartphone devices, i.e. how to integrate them into an MDM landscape?
  • Decide which integration approach is most suitable for you: Use a Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanner approach or integrate a Barcode Scanner SDK into your app to migrate to camera-based scanning?

Why Choose Scandit

phonr augmented reality

Empower store associates with mobile computer vision

Deploy high-performing barcode scanning software on smart devices and give store associates flexibility and speed while increasing simplicity.


phone AR

No need to worry about products not scanning or returning the wrong data

Your app needs exceptional accuracy and speed to deliver the experience modern users demand, whether they’re consumers or employees.



We offer specialist technical, solution and best practice support

We’ve implemented solutions for hundreds of companies on more than 100 million devices doing billions of scans.


Talk to us to get started with self-scanning

the warehouse logo“We quickly pivoted from manual, ‘pen and paper’ order picking to a smartphone app that we created by embedding Scandit’s enterprise grade scanning solution – simplifying the process for our in-store picking and online order fulfillment teams to quickly respond to customer needs.”Trevor Jones, Chapter Leader-DevOps, The Warehouse

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