Mobile Data Capture Ensures 100% Delivery Accuracy at Minimal Cost

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farmdrop cart full of products

Delivering the correct products to the right customers in a timely manner is the culmination of online retailing. The convenience and immediacy of e-commerce is lost if retailers cannot quickly and accurately ensure proof of delivery.

Fortunately, retailers can streamline proof of delivery workflows. Delivery drivers can use a smartphone or tablet to efficiently scan products for proof of delivery and signature capture. This reduces time and cost associated with obtaining proof of delivery, while also reducing errors.

Enhanced ability to track shipments and deliveries is crucial for success in retail. Products now move seamlessly from initial source to centralized warehouses to regional distribution facilities. From there, they may pass through a brick-and-mortar store or online purchase pickup location, or be directly delivered to the end customer.

For example, UK-based online grocery marketplace Farmdrop connects consumers with local small-to-mid-sized farmers and producers. The company operates two delivery hubs that enable rapid fulfillment of customer orders with fresh goods. Ensuring that delivery drivers accurately pick up the correct orders and then deliver them to the intended customers is of utmost importance.

To guarantee delivery accuracy, Farmdrop decided to develop a mobile app that would allow drivers to scan the barcodes of items and crates as they were loaded into and out of vans. This ensured that the correct orders were loaded into the van and then delivered to the intended customers. The app also automated proof of delivery (PoD) workflows.

After comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of dedicated scanning devices to the TCO of smartphones, Farmdrop decided to develop a smartphone app and selected the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to provide in-app scanning capability.

“The smartphone is so inexpensive that it’s effectively free to replace if the driver loses or breaks it,” said Sven Poppelman, CTO of Farmdrop.

Since deploying its mobile delivery app, Farmdrop has improved the accuracy rate of delivered crates to 100%. Looking ahead, Farmdrop is considering using smartphones running a Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK-enabled mobile app to scan barcoded packaged items as they enter delivery hubs.

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