CODE 32 Italian Pharmacode

1D Symbologies

Symbology Code 32 Italian Pharmacode


  • It encodes numeric data in a compressed format by using the Code 39 – Regular character set.
  • The symbol comprises the following elements:
    • Eight symbol characters that represent numeric digits
    • Check digit
  • If fewer than eight characters are specified, padding characters are added.
  • Code 32 uses five bars and four spaces to encode each character. Three of the elements are wide, and the other six are narrow.
  • This symbology supports the following alphanumeric characters:
    • All numeric digits (0-9)
    • All uppercase letters except for A, E, I, and O
  • The Code 32 human readable interpretation begins with the ASCII character “A”. This character is not encoded into the barcode.
  • Code 32 uses a check digit that is based on the modulo 10 (mod 10) algorithm.