A field service app that tracks products from your smartphone.

American Woodmark uses mobile computer vision to optimize product tracking and increase customer satisfaction.

Industry: Manufacturing / Use case: Asset Tracking / www.americanwoodmark.com

Industry: Manufacturing
Use case: Asset Tracking

Scanning Performance Drives Higher QA

Improved quality assurance reporting in 9 manufacturing facilities throughout the US.

Increased Efficiency

Increased employee efficiency by mobilizing standard reporting processes.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration of Scandit’s Barcode Scanner into the Field Trac mobile product tracking app.

Identifying and tracking products

American Woodmark needed an effective method for employees to quickly identify and report product quality issues from the field. With the ubiquity of mobile devices, they settled on the development of FieldTrac, a cross-platform mobile app that would enable employees to identify products rapidly and report quality assurance details in a short amount of time.

A cross-platform barcode scanning technology

When American Woodmark was looking for a cross-platform barcode scanning technology, they compared all major solutions that were available. In the end, only Scandit’s solution stood out as the all-in-one, easy-to-integrate package they were looking for. The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK was simple and straightforward to use, which allowed American Woodmark to develop and integrate the scanning functionality into their app in a short amount of time, enough to work on any platform, while maintaining ease-of-use that would allow a user of any skill level to operate.

Build an efficient and easy-to-use product identification and tracking app

The vision for FieldTrac was to build a product-tracking application that was able to identify products quickly while remaining easy to use across multiple platforms. In order to achieve this, American Woodmark needed a barcode scanning tool that was capable of scanning many different barcode symbologies, and was versatile enough to work on any platform, while maintaining ease-of-use that would allow a user of any skill level to operate.

Enterprise-grade performance delivers precision tracking capabilities and drives worker efficiency

Because American Woodmark chose Scandit over other competitors, they are now able to quickly retrieve details about any product with a simple barcode scan. With Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning solution, employees in the field are able to scan in any environment-no matter how damaged or poorly lit­ ensuring that nothing gets in the way of their reporting. This allows hundreds of employees to accurately identify a product when reporting a quality issue, quickly find a job associated with an order and improve general worker efficiency across the board. Since its development, FieldTrac has become an integral part of the American Woodmark service platform.

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