Mobile shopping app boosts retail sales & brand loyalty.

Coop@home harnesses the decoding functionality of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to drive revenue growth and create superior user experiences.

Industry: Retail / Use case: Mobile Shopping /

Industry: Retail
Use case: Mobile Shopping

Simplicity and Efficiency

The Scandit Barcode scanning solution enables Coop@home customers to easily shop and complete transactions on their mobile devices, streamlining user experiences and supporting brand loyalty.


Scandit’s mobile shopping solution combines unrivaled accuracy with speed, optimizing user adoption and app success through unwavering performance.


The smart device-based solution drives revenue by providing Coop@home customers with intuitive and convenient mobile shopping experiences at any location imaginable.

Coop@home Partners With Scandit to Redefine Mobile Shopping

Scandit, an industry leader in mobile barcode scanning technology, is providing a comprehensive mobile shopping solution for Coop@home—the second-largest grocery chain in Switzerland. Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK provides barcode scanning functionality for the Coop@home mobile shopping app, enabling the built-in cameras in smart devices to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on products regardless of their surface, scanning angle or ambient lighting. This technology solution streamlines the Coop@home mobile shopping experience and empowers customers to re-order desired items at any time, fostering increased sales and brand loyalty.

Coop Cooperative: Switzerland’s Retail Pioneer

Coop@home is the online format of Coop Cooperative, Switzerland’s second-largest retail group, which currently operates 1,800 stores in the food, non-food and service sectors. Coop@home has experienced robust annual growth since its launch in 2001, utilizing innovative shopping tools and business strategies to refine operations and grow.

Every day, up to 2,000 customers order from the 13,000 products available on Coop@home. The online market also offers home delivery and pick-up at drive-through stations, making mobile shopping even easier for users. The secret to Coop@home’s success lies in its peerless efficiency and service. Pairing speed with reliability, the online retailer boasts same-day delivery and one-hour accuracy.

Thanks to the fiercely competitive and dynamic nature of retail, Coop@home has always sought new IT solutions to stay ahead of the curve and create compelling shopping experiences for customers. In 2009, when mobile commerce was still in its infancy, Coop@home decided to invest time and resources in the evolving mobile commerce landscape with the development of a mobile shopping app to provide a more engaging channel for their online supermarket. The retailer wanted to give customers the ability to shop using their mobile devices long before it became the norm.

Innovation Takes Form

Conventional grocery shopping is all well and good, but what if you could shop at your local supermarket—not only from your computer, but from anywhere with your mobile device—and have your groceries delivered right to your door? Better yet, what if you could just point your smartphone at any item and automatically add it to your shopping cart? What if you could take care of your daily grocery shopping while waiting for your train? Inspired by these ambitious ideas, Coop@home set out to create a revolutionary mobile retail experience—one that would allow customers to purchase goods using their smartphones in a variety of innovative ways.

The retailer aimed to capitalize on virtual shopping walls placed in several public locations throughout Switzerland, including train stations, where passersby could use their smartphones or tablets equipped with barcode scanner technology to add products to their virtual carts and complete purchases on the fly. Purchases would then be shipped directly to the customer’s door, delivering a seamless shopping experience from home, when commuting to work, or even in the store.

Building a Revolutionary Scanning Solution

To bring Coop’s vision to life, it was imperative that customers be able to point their mobile devices at products and purchase them instantly for home delivery in any environment. When developing the mobile shopping app, Coop realized they would need enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities to complete the seamless point-and-purchase transaction they envisioned. The application had to be easy for shoppers to use and capable of scanning items in challenging environments and lighting scenarios with speed and accuracy. If the app were to be successful, it would have to be capable of scanning barcodes on any package (across multiple surfaces) and create an effortless shopping experience.

Coop@home decided to integrate Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK into its mobile shopping app because it provided the simplicity and performance necessary to make their app successful and easy to use—even for novice users. Coop@home discovered that while there were different options available, only Scandit technology was able to provide the performance needed to scan from any angle and on any surface, despite poor lighting or glare, while maintaining the speed and accuracy they desired.

Benefits and Future Plans

The Coop@home app has been an astounding success since its launch in 2010. The Scandit-powered mobile shopping app for iOS and Android has gone from generating less than 5% of Coop@home’s annual turnover of 77 million CHF (Swiss Francs) to 20%—over 114 million CHF—in subsequent years.

Today, Coop@home’s mobile shopping walls are located across Switzerland and in many prime locations (such as the Zurich Main Station and Google’s European HQ), providing a new window-shopping concept to all Coop@home customers. Coop@home shoppers are now able to utilize the app on more devices, with a higher success rate and in less time than the competition. Over 25% of Coop@home customers place shopping orders using mobile devices, and they are now capable of scanning barcodes, retrieving product data and purchasing products delivered to their door without ever stepping foot into a store.

From vision to results, Coop@home provides a unique and exciting shopping experience for all its mobile customers while dramatically contributing to Coop’s success.

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