Mobile barcode scanning enables smartphone app to deliver customer loyalty rewards.

Ibotta uses robust and reliable mobile computer vision from Scandit to drive more consistent customer scanning experiences across thousands of devices.

Industry: Retail / Use case:  Loyalty & Rewards /

Industry: Retail
Use case: Loyalty & Rewards


The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK makes it easier than ever to use the Ibotta app, driving user adoption.


Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning software flexes to meet Ibotta’s evolving needs, ensuring application stability and scalability.


By optimizing its barcode scanning system, Scandit technology fosters increased app engagement, redemption rates and user retention.

Ibotta Leverages Scandit Technology to Optimize Loyalty App

Ibotta is collaborating with Scandit, a leading producer of high-quality barcode scanning technologies for mobile devices, to enhance its customer loyalty app. The Ibotta app, which enables users to earn cash rewards at retail locations spanning the United States, was initially developed using an open-source barcode scanner SDK. However, Ibotta was looking for a more robust and reliable scanning solution for its customers. The company turned to Scandit to replace its current barcode scanner software with the leading-edge Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. This retail scanning solution vastly improved app performance and delivered a much stronger and more consistent customer scanning experience across thousands of devices and users, increasing adoption, redemption rate and daily active users.

Making Loyalty a Two-Way Proposition

The Ibotta mobile app empowers its base of 20 million users to unlock tailored cash rewards at more than 500,000 retail locations across the U.S. by performing simple tasks before shopping. Cash is then deposited to the consumer’s Ibotta account in near real-time via linked loyalty accounts, mobile in-app purchases or verified receipts. Using Ibotta’s app, consumers have earned more than $120 million in cashback rewards. The app works at a wealth of popular retailers, including Walmart, Target and Walgreens.

Ibotta transforms conventional retail loyalty programs into unique consumer opportunities. The company’s app serves as a mobile shopping companion that creates a seamless loyalty experience. Ibotta app users perform straightforward tasks (such as taking polls) to obtain targeted mobile cash discounts before they set foot in a store or visit a retailer website, creating dynamic and engaging shopping experiences for customers.

The Ibotta app perfectly compliments increasingly mobile consumer lifestyles. It also delivers a “gamification” element that makes earning rewards fun and competitive while generating social buzz and increasing engagement. Moreover, the app saves shoppers valuable time and provides cash that can be transferred to PayPal accounts or gift cards, encouraging customer loyalty and providing more gratifying shopping experiences.

Keeping up With the Pace of Business

Ibotta users must scan receipt barcodes to receive loyalty rewards. And while the company’s open-source barcode scanner SDK worked initially, maintenance and updates for the technology couldn’t keep up with the development of new barcode symbologies and devices. This issue necessitated the implementation of a more accurate and consistent barcode scanning software for the app.

Scandit’s Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK Helps Create Rewarding Experiences

Ibotta turned to Scandit to replace its open-source barcode scanning software with the industry-leading Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Compared to open-source competitors, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK vastly improves app performance and delivers a much stronger and more consistent customer scanning experience across thousands of devices and users. As a result, consumers can instantly scan a product barcode or other symbologies (such as a QR code) using their smartphone camera to help verify purchases. In addition, Scandit provides world-class technical support. This includes working with the Ibotta product team to support the company’s ongoing barcode symbology needs as they grow.

Benefits & Future Plans

Since transitioning its app to the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to bolster scanning speeds and ease of use, Ibotta has seen a marked increase in user adoption. Other improvements include growth in user base, daily active users, and redemption rates. The addition of enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities provides users with a simple, intuitive means of verifying purchases, incentivizing users to continue and increase use of the app. Ibotta has also seen improvements in customer experience and barcode scanning reliability since it implemented Scandit technology, further supporting user loyalty and retention.

Empowered by its powerful and fully scalable scanning solution, Ibotta has limitless potential to redefine loyalty experiences by providing meaningful rewards for shoppers.

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