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Research & Analyse Reports

Is Your Last Mile Technology Fit for Purpose?

This global research report shares insights from your last mile peers on the latest challenges and how technology supports driver operations.

Last Mile report
Research & Analyse Reports

Adapt or Die: Last Mile Report

Reuters Events and Scandit gathered a range of last mile delivery experts in an online workshop to explore real-world opinions, while keeping participants’ anonymous to ensure full and frank conversations.

Research & Analyse Reports

Operational Excellence in the Last Mile

Reuters Events: Supply Chain and Scandit report on delivering operational excellence in the last mile.

Research & Analyse Reports

Has Self-Scanning Gone Mainstream?

Gain valuable insights on the state of self-scanning to help shape your strategy.

2018 best practices award logo
Research & Analyse Reports

2018 European Retail Technology Innovation Awards Report

Frost & Sullivan recognized Scandit for “exemplary innovation and superior technology.”

retail magazine
Research & Analyse Reports

Scandit 2018 Retail Consumer Survey

How do consumers use mobile devices to shop? What digital in-store experience do they expect?

business magazines
Research & Analyse Reports

2018 IDC Research Report

Analyst IDC examines how Scandit is reinventing barcode scanning with mobile computer vision.

technology magazine
Research & Analyse Reports

VDC Research: Reengineer, Restructure, and Revamp Retail with Mobile Data Capture Technology

Analyst VDC uncovers how retailers align in-store and online shopping experiences.

enterprise magazines
Research & Analyse Reports

Embracing Mobility: Best Practice Mobile Data Capture Solutions

Know what to look for when comparing hardware and software, plus the top IT concerns with mobile.

business magazines
Research & Analyse Reports

Choosing the Best Barcode for Your Business

Efficiency and streamlined processes with the right barcode symbology.