Wavy upgrades app with enterprise-grade scanning to enable salons to be managed from a smartphone

Wavy is a French software provider that gives hair and beauty salons daily business support to manage customers, communications and mobile point of sale transactions (mPOS) with a smartphone and computer app.

“Our application is aiming to modernize and facilitate stock management, and we needed to choose a powerful scanning engine with a guaranteed “wow factor” that would help enhance the user experience.“
Abel Chalier, Wavy CTO


Develop a Dedicated Scan-Enabled Beauty Salon App

Wavy provides salons with a turnkey app which is NF525-certified and fully compliant for taking payments under French law. It also delivers a full digital toolkit, offering essential features such as booking management and digital communications.

However, to more fully address their app users needs, Wavy wanted to help hairdressers, barbers, and beauticians go above and beyond, to help grow their customer base and to keep customers coming back.

As well as taking payments compliantly, Wavy wanted to make it easier for beauty salons to keep track of significant and dynamic stock levels everyday. They needed a high performance barcode scanning solution that would allow customers to use the Wavy app to perform logistics and stock management on mobile devices in a more efficient way – with no need for single function, conventional handheld scanners.

“Stock management is critical to our customers and Scandit’s scanning system has played a huge part in the success of our application.”
Clément Moreno, Wavy CEO.


Apply a Robust, Reliable Barcode and Text Scanning App

Wavy needed to find high performing scanning technology that could be directly integrated into their app. They found that the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK was straightforward to integrate and delivered the enterprise-grade barcode and text scanning capabilities they were looking for. For these reasons, Scandit was the obvious choice.

Scandit’s software enables users to scan individual products and instantly retrieve all the necessary data directly on a smart device. Wavy app users frequently use the barcode scanning feature in two typical scenarios:

  • Scanning barcodes on products when they are received at the salon, to initiate the monthly restocking.
  • Scanning barcodes when a service or product is sold to a customer.

Wavy’s users trade in their conventional handheld scanner for an iPad provided by Wavy, or they can choose to use their own smartphone.

From order tracking to receipt of stock and schedule management, the Wavy app delivers the increasingly digitised experience that beauty professionals are seeking. This digital transformation is now part of Wavy’s DNA.


  • Wavy make salon stock management and point of sale transactions fast, compliant and simple for 3,500 customers across France.
  • Over 1 million items have been scanned in the Wavy app powered by Scandit.
  • Salons can use the Wavy app on their own smartphones, and Scandit scanning software supports over 20,000 different smart device models.

The collaboration has been a major success story, with the number of Wavy users growing after Scandit-powered inventory management and mPOS solutions were brought in as key app features. To date, users have made more than 1 million scans from the Wavy application.

To stand out in this market, Wavy has emphasised the quality and efficiency of its application – a turnkey service that enhances the customer experience. With the pressures beauty and hair professionals work under, the barcode scanning app needs to be reliable, accurate and efficient.

Helping salons to stand out from the crowd
  • Wavy’s users were hooked on the app as a result of its uniquely accessible, user-friendly interface.
  • Customers love the scope of the database that the app offers, with exhaustive catalogue listings.
  • The responsiveness of the scanning is a major asset, as is the flexibility to use a Wavy-provided iPad or their own smartphone.