Fashion Retail Innovation with Computer Vision

Mobile computer vision solutions running on smart devices offer a myriad of ways for fashion retailers to innovate. In-store operations can be performed with standard smart devices, eliminating the need for dedicated scanning hardware. Inventory counts can be performed faster, with mobile computer vision even enabling associates to scan multiple products simultaneously, while augmented reality feedback offers relevant information about a product. Blending physical and virtual worlds brings the best of the online shopping experience to the brick-and-mortar store. Customers can scan an apparel item, pay for it directly in a mobile app and walk out the store without having to stand in line. If the right size is not in stock, customers can order the right size within the app. Associates can scan all barcodes including text on a label in a single scan. Prices identified for markdown are highlighted immediately. The Click and Collect process can be sped up using smart devices. The right customer order can be located efficiently and customers can be provided quickly with the right product in the right size. Integrate the Scandit mobile computer vision engine into any mobile app or simply install turn-key Scandit applications. Learn more.