Healthcare Innovation with Smart Data Capture

Smart data capture enabled smart devices enables simple and cost-effective innovation across various workflows in the healthcare industry.

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Identifying patients in real-time across all points of care is easy when mobile employees are using smart devices.

Medication can be quickly scanned with familiar, easy-to-use smartphones, and with smart data capture the quick, simultaneous scanning of multiple 1D and 2D barcodes speeds up processes and efficiency, while augmented reality (AR) feedback visualizes patient information in the most readable format possible.

By mobilizing processes with smart data capture on smart devices:

  • Clinicians can scan patient IDs.
  • Supplies can be quickly reordered by healthcare and pharmacy workers.
  • Inventory counts can be performed with lower hardware cost than dedicated scanning devices, while multi-scanning enables higher levels of efficiency.
  • The right medication can be located quickly, saving time for clinicians. AR displays medication information like expiration date or patient-specific instructions such as the correct dosage or allergies.

Integrate the Scandit Smart Data Capture into any healthcare app or simply install turn-key Scandit applications. Give superpowers to workers, customers and businesses.