Scandit Webinars

Leverage the Latest Industry Knowledge to Choose the Best Barcode Scanning Solution

Scandit’s webinar series provides expertise across industries to assist you in the business decision-making process.

Harness Computer Vision to Boost Retail Store Operations

In this webinar featuring Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller and Forrester VP George Lawrie, you’ll learn why savvy retailers are using mobile computer vision to digitize the in-store shopping experience and reduce costs by speeding up store operations workflows. Learn how to do it simply and affordably for your enterprise.

The Evolution of Data Capture in the Enterprise

Retail, manufacturing and logistics operations have relied on barcodes to conduct business for more than 50 years. While barcodes have changed very little in that time, the technology used to capture them has dramatically transformed over the years—enabling today’s enterprises to adopt smarter mobile solutions.

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