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contactless customer self-scanning


Why it’s Time for Scan & Go: Now & Beyond COVID‑19

Join Scandit CTO Christian Floerkemeier and Xenia CEO Troy Stelzer as they discuss Scan & Go, including some surprising benefits.


Self-scanning in Retail


Self-Scanning Webinar Series

Join Scandit and expert guest speakers explore specific aspects of self-scanning and get your burning scan & go questions answered.

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Busting Smartphone-Scanning Myths with the Samsung Xcover Pro

Featuring Samsung and Scandit
Join this webinar to hear our expert speakers bust five common myths about smartphone scanning in enterprises with some surprising stats and explain why Samsung and Scandit collaborated on the new XCover Pro device to optimize scanning performance and ergonomics.

17 September 2020


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Why it’s Time for Scan & Go: Now & Beyond COVID-19

Retailers around the world are relying on contactless, mobile scan & go technology to provide cleaner, safer shopping environments, now more than ever. Join us, along with Xenia, for a webcast to discuss just how and why big box grocers and essential goods retailers have seen a massive uptake in scan, pay and go solutions. And with the right knowledge, it’s within reach for retailers to leverage contactless scan, pay and go as a way to fast track their larger omni-channel strategy.

September 22 2020


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