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How Smartphone Scanning Helps Retailers Cope with COVID-19 Demand

Extreme trading patterns caused by COVID-19 mean retailers need to rapidly scale up their capacity to fulfil omni-channel orders and adopt contactless pick up and delivery processes to keep staff and shoppers safe.

Watch this short webcast to see a series of virtual demos performed which show how Scandit scanning technology on smartphones helps retailers scale up their Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) operations, quickly and contactlessly.

Scaling Up the BOPIS Journey in Your Enterprise

In this webcast, we’ll walk through the different stages stages of the BOPIS journey and show virtual demos of smartphone scanning in action in these scenarios:

In-store Picking

The first stage of the whole BOPIS process, where the employee picks up the right items from the shelves to put together the order. It’s simple to scale-up by equipping existing employees and onboarding temporary ones with high-performance scanning on smartphones. Here you can watch how easy it is for employees to pick orders efficiently and confirm them with their own (BYOD) or company-owned personally-enabled (COPE) smartphone.

Click & Collect and Curbside Pick Up

The next part is the order collection process, either by the customer or the delivery driver. It’s all about locating an order quickly and efficiently from the high volume being processed and getting it to the customers themselves or out for delivery. In this demo, we show how easy it is for the employee to quickly scan and identify the right order to be loaded into the customer’s car or passed to the driver to put in their van to take out for delivery.

Proof of Delivery

Retailers want to have a signature to confirm the delivery and acceptance of the order to the customer, but traditionally this was done via the employees device - which is no longer suitable. Here we demonstrate how quick and easy it is to allow the customers to scan and sign for deliveries using their own smartphone, with no contact and no need to download any app.

Quickly Deploy Smartphone Scanning Solutions with Scandit

Scandit’s enterprise-grade scanning software integrates easily on everyday smartphones, enabling your employees to fulfill orders directly through their smartphones and customers to pick-up orders safely with contactless proof‑of‑delivery. We’re offering extra technical support to help retailers meet increased demand during the current crisis.

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