Think Like Amazon

Create the digital in-store experience your customers want without costly rebuilding.

Concept stores like Amazon Go that enable customers to go into a store, take what they want and leave, do not come cheap and are not easy to replicate. Learn how to use mobile computer vision to simply and cost-effectively win customers’ hearts and minds using smartphone-based retail apps, without a large infrastructure investment and within your existing in-store environment.

Create a digital in-store retail experience for less with mobile computer vision

Download the whitepaper to find out:

  • The Amazon-Go stores require the integration of hundreds of cameras, weight sensors, and other costly infrastructure into a custom-built premises. You don’t need all that.
  • How to create a similar, more diverse Amazon Go-type shopping experience using smart devices – simply, cost-effectively, and with no need to rip and replace your store infrastructure.
  • How Scandit computer vision software is designed specifically for the smart devices that your customers and employees are already using, so you can easily and affordably blend the digital and physical experiences in-store.

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