ID Scanning | Make Your ID Checks Smarter Today

Still relying on manual identity checks? Smart delivery companies, airlines and retailers are all making ID scanning faster and more reliable with accurate ID scanning software by Scandit.

Explore ID Scanning

Accurate, fast mobile ID scanning

  • Securely and quickly extract data from 2500+ ID documents worldwide
  • 100% scan accuracy rate for IDs with PDF417, industry-leading accuracy for other documents.
  • Scan each ID in less than 1 second.

Automated ID verification

  • Verify ID data matches your criteria (for example, age verification for age-restricted goods).
  • Check the ID expiry date, type, layout and other document properties.
  • Easily check ID data against other databases.

Designed to protect personal data

  • Compliant with applicable data privacy laws and business regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.
  • All data processing happens on device, unless verification method requires internet connection.
  • Integrate into any native or web app.
  • SDK supports over 20,000 mobile device models.
  • Works on all major operating systems and frameworks.
  • Fast and easy integration with a simple and well-documented SDK that includes samples and best practice guides to get you started.