A Look at the Future of Assisted Selling

Four quick demos showing how stores can enable barcode scanning smartphones to do everything from product lookup to mPOS.

What You'll Discover in this Webcast

Watch this short 6-minute webcast to see 4 on-screen demos demonstrating how – when it comes to assisted selling – smartphones are a robust, innovative, and cost-effective alternative to dedicated devices and sleds.

One Device, Many Tasks:

Product Lookup

In a typical situation, a customer will ask whether an item is available in a specific size. With a Scandit-powered smartphone app, the store associate can check on the spot without leaving the customer waiting. If it's unavailable, they can order it from another store to be sent straight to the customer. Product lookup is a great way to avoid lost sales and walkouts.

Rewards and Coupons

A Scandit-smartphone scanning app can also display rewards and coupons - especially when linked with a loyalty program. By scanning a product, this mode can highlight what offers and discounts are available to that customer. All providing instant potential for upsells and bigger baskets.

Search and Find

If the customer cannot locate the correct product in-store, the store associate needs to find it in the storeroom. Scandit-powered Augmented Reality allows you to see what product is in each box or package quickly. In this way, smartphone scanning revolutionizes inventory visibility.


Long checkout lines are a well-known pain point for customers, especially those who have become used to buying online. This is where mobile point of sale helps. With a Scandit-powered app, you can pair a store associate’s smartphone with a payment processing device via Bluetooth - and take payment without the need for a cumbersome sled.

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