Barcode Remixes: A Visual Spectacle

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Barcode Remixes: A Visual Spectacle

Today we wanted to share some creative barcode designs from Irish artist Steve Simpson.

Simpsons work mostly focuses on customizing the traditional barcodes on products, specifically the UPC/EAN code type. While many of are familiar with customized QR codes, finding creative and inventive UPC/EAN code designs is a rarity. Here are some tips from Steve for creating custom UPC/EAN codes:

–        Colors can be changed but requires good contrast for scanning readability.

–        The number string is only there to help a human reader interpret the barcode; change the god damn font!

–        Space should be left at both ends so the scanner can recognize the beginning and end of the code.

–        For readability, there should be a healthy sized horizontal strip of uninterrupted code.

–        Test it! Print it out and check it using a barcode reader app on your smart phone.

And here are some of Steve’s awesome designs: