Scandit is Reinventing Barcode Scanning with Mobile Computer Vision

Support omnichannel engagement with software-based barcode scanning

The supply chain across the retail, manufacturing and logistics industries is becoming increasingly digitalized. As a result, organizations need to make transformative technology investments to address business needs and create a competitive advantage. Barcode scanning is crucial to customer-facing, in-store and back-of-house processes. Here analysts IDC explain how Scandit’s mobile data capture solutions allows enterprises to use smart devices to replace dedicated barcode scanners in the supply chain.

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  • Scandit helps business users and consumers capture digital information with smart devices such as smartphones, wearables, tablets, drones, and robots.
  • Smart devices lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to dedicated barcode scanners over the life of the device.
  • Swiss retailer Coop Group uses Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to lower operational costs and improve stock accuracy and availability.

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