Empower employees to assist customers on the spot with Scandit-powered clienteling apps on smart devices.

Why Use Scandit-powered Smart Devices for Clienteling?

Giving retail employees easy, instant access to product information and shoppers’ purchase history, gives them the confidence to engage and help customers better in stores. With a Scandit-powered app on a smartphone, sales associates scan barcodes to view detailed product or stock information from back end systems, and targeted discounts, ratings or recommendations, to answer questions on the spot.

If you already have self-service kiosks for your customers, you can improve the user experience by adding Scandit scanning to the devices, using the front-facing camera.

Boost revenue with stand-out customer service

Assist customers in-aisle with a simple scan. Empowered staff access stock data, like available product sizes and colors, anywhere on Scandit-powered mobile apps. No trek to a back room, no waiting, no lost sales.

Seamlessly integrate with clienteling solutions

Scandit software easily integrates with clienteling solutions such as Oracle XStore, Tulip, Mad Mobile and more. With Scandit AR overlays displaying real-time data on screen, employees can make personalized recommendations, such as suggesting items based on purchase history.

Do more with one device

Transform smart devices into efficiency boosting multi-purpose tools. Completing different tasks on one device, such as assisting customers or handling mPOS transactions, is easier than switching between devices and apps. Employees are more productive – and happier!

The Scandit Advantage

Clienteing Retail Fashion

Increased efficiency, more face time with customers

Accessing real-time data anywhere, anytime means employees don’t have to leave the customers’ side to get answers or worry about providing inaccurate information. No risk of impatient or unsatisfied customers walking out, and staff are more confident. One Scandit client found that providing mobile access to retail data without having to walk to the backroom, reduced employees’ step count by more than 50% per shift.

Top Performance on any device

Retailers enable fast, accurate and reliable performance on both front and rear-facing cameras, even when scanning low-quality barcodes at any angle and at a variety of distances and lighting conditions. Scandit supports and delivers assured enterprise-grade scanning to over 20,000 smart device models, even lower-end devices.

Enterprise-level support

Reduce costly downtime with enterprise-level support

We’ve implemented solutions for hundreds of companies on more than 100 million devices doing billions of scans, all with continuous support and maintenance. Scandit’s high quality specialist technical support helps resolve any issues in the shortest possible time, keeping staff scanning and customers happy.

Add Barcode Scanning into Any IT Environment

Add Scandit functionality to any enterprise architecture with our software development kit (SDK). Developers tell us the documentation is really clear and makes integration quick and simple. Our software works on a variety of operating systems, frameworks, 3rd party systems and OEM devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, IBM MobileFirst, SAP Fiori, Oracle Xstore. We offer specialist technical support for developers and a range of support and analytics options during live service.

Add Scandit to Native Mobile Apps

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Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate Scandit’s barcode scanning software to mobile apps. Supports most development platforms and OEM devices.

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Keyboard Wedge

No integration needed. A turnkey option that adds a scanning keyboard to a smart device. For enterprise platforms and corresponding mobile apps like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or legacy apps.

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Add Scandit to Web Apps

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Enterprise Browser

No integration needed. Use the Enterprise Browser to open web-based enterprise applications and then start scanning barcodes into the applications.

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SDK for the Web

Integrate scanning into the browser or e-commerce platforms such as SAP/hybris, Magento and Demandware. No app needed.

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