A guide to scanning software selection, with client testing feedback and cost-benefit analysis

Software selection and deployment can have far-reaching consequences within an organization, so it’s important to consider all the options, including proprietary and sometimes open source solutions. Mobile barcode scanning powers many essential processes, meaning organizations must give careful consideration to operational and business needs. This paper offers best practice guidance about scanning software selection plus first-hand feedback from businesses in multiple industries that have tested Scandit and open source software.

Scandit Barcode Solutions or Open Source Software?

Download the whitepaper and find out:

  • How to assess your scanning software needs and what factors to investigate during the selection process, including technical, performance and support requirements.
  • What clients who tested Scandit against open source said about their results and the factors that influenced their decisions.
  • The truth about the costs of proprietary versus open source scanning software, with a cost-benefit analysis.

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