Create the Store of the Future.

Build unsurpassed customer experiences and crush the competition.

Create a customer experience that drives revenue.

“Through the use of the Scandit Barcode Scanner, our mobile shoppers are empowered to capture orders more efficiently, while coop@home drives revenue and delivers a great overall user experience to its customers.”

— Philippe Huwyler, Head of coop@home

Innovate to deliver smart, intuitive, personalized experiences across all channels.

Use Data Capture to Connect Customers to Your Store

At home, on-the-go, or in the store, your customers demand a consistent, efficient, and hassle-free shopping experience. To meet this demand you need reliable, flexible barcode scanning tools that empower both your customers and your associates.

Engage Customers in Every Step of the Process

Smart devices give customers unlimited access to your store. Barcode scanning applications make it possible for customers to check product availability, make instant purchases, register for gifts, and self-checkout with no assistance. They can handle returns and exchanges with ease. Store associates can make informed recommendations, offer instant discounts and promotions, and quickly pick orders.

Recommandations 2

Future-proof Your Retail Space

The physical shopping environment of the future is designed for apps to drive the experience. Customers with smart phones, tablets, and wearables will be able to shop, pay, and leave without human interaction. Right now, barcode scanning and data capture supports the “digital/physical” shopping experience if you are willing to be disruptive and visionary. Scandit provides the functionality you need to re-invent retail and create an unsurpassed customer experience.

Deliver a great customer experience in and out of the store.

“Every retailer that is going to win in this new environment must become an experiential destination. Your products and services for the most part cannot just be available online and cannot just be available on Amazon. To win in this new environment, a company’s capability and competency as a four-wall bricks and mortar retailer must be as good digitally and on mobile in all things that make the brand as relevant outside of the store and on a mobile device as it is inside the four walls of the store.”

— Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz


Create the store of the future today.

For your IT and Operations team, download Embracing Mobility: A Guide to Mobile Data Capture Solution Deployment in the Enterprise.

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