3 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs Real-Time Delivery Visibility

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Today’s enterprises are constantly exploring new technologies to meet the growing demand for seamless Last Mile delivery. Thanks to innovations in mobile computer vision and AR in transportation, Post and Parcel organizations can empower employees with computer vision software in camera-equipped smart devices to monitor the status of deliveries at any point during transit, giving them the tools they need to more effectively identify and resolve process inefficiencies. Read on to learn more about the specific benefits this technology can bring to your business.

Since 2009, Scandit has been connecting modern enterprises and consumers with intuitive data capture solutions that redefine logistics, shopping, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Our adaptable software transforms camera-equipped smart devices into enterprise-grade data capture tools capable of processing barcodes, text and other visual identifiers quickly and reliably. Today, we’ll be walking you through how real-time delivery visibility can optimize your Last Mile delivery operations—and how you can incorporate this feature into your daily workflows.

1. Coordinating Last Mile Delivery

One of the most challenging aspects of Last Mile delivery is ensuring that parcels reach customers exactly when and where they’re needed. There are an endless number of potential complications (ranging from heavy traffic to inaccurate delivery instructions) that can delay delivery drivers, making it difficult to coordinate delivery pickup with customers. The result? Lower customer satisfaction, employee frustration and lost sales opportunities. That’s why Post and Parcel businesses are turning to smart device-based delivery solutions to gain enhanced visibility into their daily workflows.

By equipping your drivers with barcode scanning-enabled smart devices, you help them gain real-time visibility across each phase of the Last Mile delivery process. With this advantage, your team can ensure that packages are traveling to the right place at the right time—and more closely monitor driver performance to address and resolve problems as (or before) they arise. In fact, with real-time visibility, up to 20% of distressed in-transit shipments can be solved before the customer even becomes aware that an issue occured. Whether you need to plan out new delivery routes or update driver instructions on the fly, smart devices equipped with computer vision software and augmented reality functionality give your workforce the mobility and flexibility to meet point-of-delivery challenges head-on.

2. Assessing Driver Performance

Did you know that the average delivery driver only spends about 40% to 60% of their time driving when away from the distribution center? Most of this downtime is attributed to the fact that drivers spend so much time searching their vehicles for the proper parcels to prepare for upcoming deliveries. Without real-time delivery visibility, it’s much harder to collect insights on driver performance and take steps to help them improve productivity.

Not only can smartphones equipped with data capture software and augmented reality functionality help your enterprise keep tabs on driver activities through real-time visibility, but they can also increase the efficiency of these employees by streamlining product identification. For example, our Barcode Scanner SDK enables any camera-equipped smart device to read and tag multiple parcels simultaneously, bringing speed and consistency to your Last Mile delivery processes. You can use the data you collect to review and improve the productivity of your fleet drivers—paving the way for superior Last Mile delivery operations.

3. Providing Transparency for Customers

The need for real-time delivery visibility extends to your customers, too. Today’s consumers typically want to receive their parcels the next day after ordering (or sooner), and demand detailed information on the status of their deliveries to help them prepare for pickup and confirm delivery timeframes—particularly when ordering high-value items. To meet this rising need for transparency and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, Post and Parcel businesses are investing in delivery solutions that enable real-time visibility

With a robust mobile app, Post and Parcel businesses enable customers to get updates on the status of their packages at any time, lending total transparency to your Last Mile delivery efforts. Real-time delivery visibility enables customers to prepare for parcel pickup at the point of delivery using their smart devices, providing peace of mind and smoother PoD and PUDO operations. Investing in real-time delivery visibility via mobile data capture tools is one of the best ways to drive customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty and encourage future sales opportunities.

Scandit Solutions for Real-Time Delivery Visibility

Now that we’ve covered the unique benefits that real-time visibility can bring to your Post and Parcel delivery efforts, let’s discuss how you can implement this promising feature into your own enterprise operations. With Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning solutions, Post and Parcel organizations can keep track of delivery drivers and their cargo using smart devices. Our Barcode Scanner SDK provides robust mobile data capture capabilities for a wide variety of mobile platforms, allowing delivery staff to use their own smart devices. This BYOD (bring your own device) system completely eliminates the need for expensive mobile computers and weekly device rental costs, dramatically reducing total cost of ownership in the process.

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Streamline Last Mile Delivery With Scandit

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