2018 Recap: Delivering Speed and Safety with Mobile Computer Vision

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As 2018 comes to a close and mobile computer vision continues to capture the public’s attention and prove its effectiveness as an easy-to-deploy business process solution, let’s take a few moments to recognize just some of the progress we’ve made this year for Scandit and our customers.

Series B funding secured

In July, Scandit raised $30 million in Series B funding that will enable us to continue developing our mobile computer vision platform and propel us to realize our long-term goal of bringing the Internet of Things to everyday objects. Scandit and mobile computer vision have come far over the last 9 years, from capturing single barcodes to multiscanning and generating augmented reality overlays. See the essence of what Scandit technology is capable of doing in this video. Seriously, watch it. It’s really good.

Scandit does more, and the analysts have taken notice

This year, Scandit continued to progress beyond the Barcode Scanner SDK. Customers today can choose among several integration points for adding barcode scanning to any mobile, browser- or web-based app. Data capture functionality may be integrated directly to a web app or website or a proprietary browser. You can even get it without app integration at all.

New software features in 2018 include the ability to scan Micro QR Codes and Passport/IDs. Also, the Barcode Scanner SDK now generates QR codes right on the device screen to modernize self-checkout and mobile point of sale (mPOS) processes in retail.

All of this has garnered the attention of leading industry analysts. In the spring, Scandit was listed as a 2018 Cool Vendor in the Gartner report, “Cool Vendors in Mobile and Wireless”. Gartner also delivered a positive evaluation of Scandit technology in their report “Elevate Customer Experience with Minor Investments That Deliver Major Benefits for Retail Digital Business.” Finally, IDC Research focused on Scandit technology in their report, “Scandit is Reinventing Barcode Scanning with Mobile Computer Vision Capture.”

Scandit disrupted retail in 2018

As Amazon Go and other “just walk out” concept stores captured the attention of retailers and their customers, Scandit co-founder and CTO Christian Floerkemeier explained that Everyman’s Amazon Go is within Reach. And many Scandit customers – Mercaux, Instacart, and FutureProof Retail to name a few – are putting Christian’s assertions into practice and delivering the fast, efficient self-scanning experiences with mobile computer vision that concept stores are currently spending tens of millions to create.

Of course, Scandit’s role in retail goes far beyond self-scanning. Scandit and dm-drogerie markt earned a 2018 Retail Technology Award Europe for Best In-Store Solution. 25,000 customer-facing dm employees in 3,450 stores now use Scandit’s MatrixScan technology with augmented reality overlays to drastically reduce the time it takes to pick customer orders.

Taking on the demands of the Last Mile

This year, we also explained in our whitepaper on Last Mile delivery that ordinary smartphones powered by Scandit data capture software are a reliable, cost-effective way to manage parcels more efficiently in the distribution center, in the delivery vehicle, and at point of delivery – especially during peak seasons. Large post and parcel enterprises such as Post NL, Nacex, and DPD Russia are deploying Scandit mobile computer vision to streamline the Last Mile delivery process.

Helping improve safety in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, Scandit technology is helping make critical processes like medication administration, specimen handling, and bedside care easier and faster. The Leeds Teaching Hospitals are using Scandit-powered smartphones to improve patient safety in one of the largest and busiest acute hospital trusts in the UK. Stuart MacMillan, the Programme Manager at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust remarked, “The pilot scheme to test the Scandit solution worked so well that both clinicians and nurses didn’t want us to take it away.”

What’s next?

Scandit is coming into 2019 with smart devices blazing. We are committed to helping enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of business processes through barcode, text and object recognition. The possibilities for this technology are limited only by our imagination. If you have a question or want to learn more about mobile computer vision’s potential role in your organization, contact us. All the best for a peaceful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous 2019.