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Change is a fact of life. But in the business world, it’s essential not only to adapt swiftly to change but also to be a disruptive force too.

It’s no longer enough to wait for change to happen. Businesses need to be agile, respond quickly and ideally preempt the evolving needs of their customers.

New kids on the block are also challenging the status quo of some of the traditional industry players. According to the Commerce Institute, more than 5.4m new businesses were registered in the US in 2021 and a further 1.45m in the first quarter of 2022. Competition has never been stronger.

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Existing businesses that don’t adapt quickly enough will potentially struggle in today’s difficult economic and competitive landscape.

In our first blog, we discussed how the Scandit and Pega collaboration is helping businesses to address such challenging market forces.

In this, the second in our series of three blogs, we examine why agility plus intelligence are particularly essential weapons in the armory of business change – and we share examples of how combining Pega’s low-code platform with Scandit Smart Data Capture is revolutionizing operations in many different industries.

Stay ahead with Pega agile workflow automation and Scandit Smart Data Capture

Regardless of which industry you’re in, having greater agility requires automated processes that connect workflows intelligently to drive enterprise-wide value.

When operational tasks can be done faster and decision-making is more accurate, workers are empowered to deliver a better experience for customers. It’s a win-win scenario.

The joint Pega and Scandit solution offers the best of both worlds.

Pega’s low-code platform for AI-powered decision-making and workflow automation enables organizations to reduce complexity, make better decisions and get work done.

While the Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform enables businesses to automate the scanning and data capture of barcodes, text, IDs and objects on smart devices (smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots) with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

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The world is your oyster with Pega and Scandit

Any process can be streamlined with intelligent automation, and high performance scanning ensures greater accuracy and speed (up to 3x faster than dedicated scanners). This not only increases employee productivity but empowers workers to make more informed decisions based on real-time data insights.

The user experience is also enhanced by deploying apps on familiar smart devices. It is also easier to scale up and onboard resources during peak times.

Secure and scalable apps can be developed faster to accelerate service delivery and with Scandit Smart Data Capture built in, operational challenges can be easily addressed as they arise.

Benefit from Pega and Scandit whatever industry you’re in

There have been many different challenges facing businesses in the last few years. Pressure on global supply chains, along with the economic squeeze, has meant that overhauling processes and minimizing downtime have been essential for survival.

Industries including manufacturing, transportation, logistics and retail can all benefit from the greater agility the Pega and Scandit combined solution brings. Here are just some examples of where it can help.

Make Light Work of Manufacturing

Whether it’s in a warehouse, on an assembly line or in the field, Pega and Scandit can streamline manufacturing processes and reduce the risk of human error.

Asset Tracking: smart device apps created on the Pega Platform™ and enabled with Scandit high performance scanning give workers a powerful pocket tool to keep track of assets easily including parts and equipment. Effective product traceability also extends into the field and in aftersales which is essential not only for efficiency but also for improving customer satisfaction.

Search & Find: on the line side, workers can find or reorder parts instantly with a simple scan, reducing downtime on the production line.

Shipping & Receiving: workflows from receiving goods in manufacturing plants to loading goods out for distribution in the field can also be dramatically improved.

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Hit the road with more efficient logistics

In logistics and particularly the last mile, time is money. Mobile apps developed on the Pega Platform and enabled with Scandit high performance scanning give drivers superpowers to complete delivery tasks using smart devices effortlessly.

Sorting and Loading: drivers can sort and load their parcels to optimize delivery routes by holding their smartphone over multiple items and reading them all in a single scan.

Pickups and Deliveries: are also much more efficient with a quick scan of a customer’s pick up slip or QR code.

Proof of Delivery Single Scan

Take air travel efficiencies to new heights

With flights taking to the skies once more, the air travel industry is looking at every way possible to make operations more efficient.

Baggage Tracking: lost baggage is a main cause of friction. With the Pega and Scandit combined solution on mobile devices bags can be easily tracked and re-routed if necessary, saving time and mitigating customer frustration.

Flight Boarding: unlike fixed boarding gate readers, a mobile device can facilitate smoother passenger boarding on the go which is great for flight scheduling and convenient for passengers.

Augmented Reality Luggage Air Travel

Elevate retail experiences and workflows

The future of retail is seamless, automated and customer-centric. Pega and Scandit technology offer multiple ways to streamline processes and transform customer experiences in retail.

Shipping & Receiving: Stock costs money and any losses come straight off the bottom line. Doing accurate stock checks and capturing accurate data with a mobile app ensures what is received or dispatched tallies with an order, thereby reducing the cost and inconvenience of misplaced stock. Also, a worker can find a stock item easily to fulfill a customer order for pick up or delivery.

Store Operations: store associates can capture barcode data of all shelf items in an aisle, create aisle maps, check stock and verify prices – with one scan using a single device.

MPoS: with a mobile device and stock information at their fingertips, store associates can advise customers and process sales on the spot. And with Pega, you can hyper-personalize every interaction to stay timely and relevant.

Click & Collect: when a customer comes to collect an order employees can scan the barcode of the order and use augmented reality overlays on their smart device screen to locate each item easily.

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Experience a modular solution to achieve greater agility

The Pega Marketplace is the hub for components, applications, integrations and language packs compatible with Pega Platform™. Browsable and modular, they give incredible agility to a powerful platform and enable customization as well as scalability for all sizes of enterprises.

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Watch out for the last in the current series of blogs, where we will share some real-life examples of the Pega and Scandit joint solution in action.

In the meantime, find out more about Scandit’s Smart Data Capture Platform on Pega Marketplace or get in touch to schedule a call.