AppSheet and Scandit Empower Businesses with High Performance Scanning-Enabled No-Code Apps

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AppSheet and Scandit Empower Businesses with High Performance Scanning-Enabled No-Code Apps

Today, Scandit has announced it is partnering with AppSheet to integrate high performance barcode and QR code scanning with the no-code app platform. Now, anyone can build powerful, no-code apps that leverage best-in-class barcode and QR code scanning capabilities quickly.

Mobile applications dramatically help improve productivity in the field and when doing back office tasks like inventory management. However, both large and small businesses often find developing custom apps with traditional code-based programming too costly, time-consuming, and complex.

AppSheet apps, powered by the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, are easier and faster to create and launch than traditional scanning-enabled apps. By using no code, scan ready apps on both Android and iOS mobile devices, businesses can reduce costs by eliminating the need for dedicated scanning devices, while matching or exceeding the hardware’s scan speed and reliability.

“AppSheet empowers citizen developers around the world to create apps that solve business critical problems, all without writing a single line of code. We are thrilled to integrate Scandit’s barcode and QR code scanning capabilities into the AppSheet platform to drive greater efficiencies in enterprise workflows and amongst frontline workers.” said Praveen Seshadri, Distinguished Software Engineer at Google and AppSheet founder & former CEO.

Nitin Gupta, VP, Partnerships & Customer Success at Scandit, comments: “We are excited about the partnership with AppSheet. It opens up new opportunities for businesses to reduce the time it takes to launch a scan ready app through the integration of the AppSheet no-code platform and Scandit’s barcode scanning SDK.”

The opportunities for automating routine tasks are widespread.. For example, in retail, scan ready no-code apps can automate store operations, whether that’s fulfilling order deliveries, powering curbside pickup, notifying teams throughout the organization or managing stock inventories.

For apps and workflows where data capture is key, with Scandit, the scanning performance of an AppSheet no-code app is assured, even in tough conditions. These include poor lighting, glare, awkward angles and damaged barcodes or QR codes. Scanning is possible anywhere with or without a network connection.

Learn more about the benefits of the AppSheet and Scandit partnership here.