C# Developers Rejoice! Scandit Releases iOS and Android Components for Xamarin

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C# Developers Rejoice! Scandit Releases iOS and Android Components for Xamarin

We’re thrilled to announce that Scandit technology will now be available to developers using the popular Xamarin mobile application development environment. With the release of our iOS and Android Xamarin components, Xamarin developers can easily add an enterprise-grade barcode scanner to their iOS and Android apps.

The Xamarin platform allows developers to create mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile using a single C# code base. The consolidation of source code allows developers to take their apps to market across platforms at a much faster rate than if they were developing upon each platform natively. In addition, it is much more practical and cost-effective to maintain a single code base, which doesn’t require the broad range of programming expertise necessary to manage multiple native code bases. Xamarin is especially advantageous in .NET ecosystems since code can be reused from .NET libraries and developers have the option to work within the familiar Visual Studio IDE.

To get started with Scandit on Xamarin:

1)      Sign up for Xamarin (refer to Xamarin docs for setup instructions).

2)      Download the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK from the Xamarin component store.

3)      Sign up for a Scandit account (Enterprise Trial or Community Edition).

4)      Follow the instructions in this documentation.

The new Scandit barcode scanner components provide incredibly fast and accurate barcode scanning for both iOS and Android apps. Supported barcode types include UPC, EAN, QR, Datamatrix, PDF417, ITF, Code 39, Code 128 and MSI Plessey barcodes.

Want to learn more about working with Scandit components in Xamarin? Be sure to tune in on Tuesday October 15th at 8am PST for a (Technical) Webinar for the Xamarin developer community.