Capture the Right Data at the Right Time for Clienteling Success with Scandit

| Retail

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As online retailers continue to grow market share, their brick-and-mortar competitors are turning to clienteling to help stay competitive. Clienteling, which provides store associates with real-time access to customer and product data, can help a physical store function more like an e-commerce site.

A successful clienteling program allows store associates to make timely, personalized purchase recommendations and offer individually targeted discounts. This heightened level of one-to-one customer service aligns the in-store and online shopping experience.

However, not all clienteling efforts are created equal. Success requires capturing large amounts of customer data, and then providing employees with immediate access. But are you capturing the right data?

A recent survey conducted by Yes Lifecycle Marketing reports that only 15% of retailers capture shopping preferences such as preferred size and colors. The bottom line is. the more customer data you capture, the more benefits you get from clienteling.

Armed only with smart devices running apps equipped with Scandit mobile data capture technology, your store associates can capture the critical data needed to achieve dramatic increases in revenue. By scanning a product barcode, employees can obtain detailed product data.

And by scanning a customer ID or loyalty card, employees can gain instant access to a comprehensive customer history. This allows associates to determine exactly what items should be offered at what prices to delight the customer. As a result, the physical and digital experiences seamlessly blend, leading to larger market baskets and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Sales growth is the proof that clienteling works. According to, retailers that implement in-store clienteling programs experience results such as more engaged customers (63%), increased sales (56%), and improved customer loyalty (44%).

Clienteling is one part of a larger seamless retail strategy based on real-time transparency across the enterprise: