Case Study: Shopping Smarter with Comparis using Scandit

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Case Study: Shopping Smarter with Comparis using Scandit

Today we’re excited to release another case study which illustrates the integration of our Scandit SDK with the Smartshopper app. Through the integration of our best-in-class barcode scanner Comparis has enabled its users to create intelligent shopping lists quickly and accurately.

Comparis is a comparison service that started out by allowing users to compare the pros and cons of specific healthcare providers. Over the years, Comparis has broadened its scope to allow users to make comparisons between a wide range of products and services including insurance companies, financial institutions, mobile operators, and variety of classified listings. In order to simplify the lives of its daily users, Comparis decided to design a mobile app called Smartshopper, which allows users to build intelligent location-based shopping lists.

The case study looks at the process Comparis went through when selecting a barcode scanner for their app, and how usability testing led them to determine that the Scandit SDK provided the highest quality experience for its users. Through the speed and accuracy of our SDK and the quality support from our team, Comparis had shoppers creating intelligent lists in no time.

Benedikt Unold, Comparis’ CTO, commented on our work together: “The collaboration with Scandit was friendly and professional from the very beginning. Support and updates are provided in good quality and in a timely manner.” At Scandit we’re dedicated not only to providing the highest-quality barcode scanning technology, but we’re also mindful of creating lasting relationships with our customers through quality support. See for yourself how simple and easy to use our Scandit SDK is by signing up for a free development license today!

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