COVID-19: PAC2000A and Scandit Team Up to Simplify Order Picking

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COVID-19: PAC2000A and Scandit Team Up to Simplify Order Picking

Milan, June 12th, 2020 – Aiming to provide concrete support to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the more than 1,400 points of sale of PAC2000A, the largest cooperative in the Conad group operating in Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Calabria and Sicily, have introduced additional services for customer collection of orders and delivery at home. So in addition to the usual workload in stores, plus the emergency and security measures, store staff also need to manage additional processes for shopping collections, payment and delivery of orders.

To simplify these workflows, PAC2000A worked with Scandit, the leading enterprise technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR), to develop a solution.

The order fulfilment process is usually divided into two activities: the order-picking from the shelves and the scanning of all barcodes at the checkout to process the receipt. Thanks to the new mobile solution, PAC2000A group’s store staff and volunteers can avoid wasting precious time passing all the items through the scanner once they arrive at the checkout. Instead, the solution based on Scandit’s mobile scanning engine – which can be integrated into any smartphone equipped with a camera – allows the items to be scanned during the order-picking phase, and generates a QR code which is read by the checkout scanner to obtain the receipt quickly and easily.

With smartphone scanning and the QR code, store staff and volunteers save valuable time to meet the demands of more people stuck at home.

“At a time of great challenge for the retail industry, especially for our e-commerce channel that in most cases provides home delivery, we wanted to experiment directly in the field, a complementary service that would increase the number of grocery deliveries, facilitate the work of store employees and respond to the need of our customers to stay at home,” said Fabio Calafato, Head of IT Point of Sale Systems of PAC2000A. “We needed a rapid integration and optimization of some phases of the process, to ensure that the service was really effective and useful, without impacting on the point of sale already engaged in managing an emergency and new rules including respecting social distancing and restricted entrances”.

The Scandit-PAC2000A collaboration, developed to manage the emergency and respond to the likely changes in customers’ buying habits, could lead to the deployment of the Scandit solution in all PAC2000A stores and directly on the smartphones of store staff, supporting a gradual and widespread recovery from the pandemic.

“Thanks to our experience in the retail industry and our cutting-edge mobile computer vision technology for fast, accurate recognition and reading of barcodes, we were able to quickly develop a solution to meet the needs of PAC2000A, as a contribution to the COVID-19 emergency,” says Maurizio Costa, Sales Manager Italy at Scandit.

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