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Today we’re excited to provide a walkthrough on how to work with the Scandit barcode generator.

The barcode generator works with UPC-A, EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF, Code 39, Code 128 and QR code types.  Here’s the breakdown for each code type:


EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcode Generator

EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes are used to identify products at the point of sale. To create these codes you simply enter 12 numerical digits for a UPC-A code or 13 numerical digits for an EAN-13 code using our barcode generator.

Create UPC-A or EAN-13 barcodes


EAN-8 Barcode Generator

EAN-8 barcodes are a shorter variety of the larger EAN-13 code type. They are used primarily in Europe at the point of sale to identify smaller products. To create an EAN-8 code simply enter 8 numeric digits using our barcode generator.

Create EAN-8 barcodes


QR Code Generator

QR codes are those square 2D matrix barcodes that have been popping up everywhere. They were originally created for industrial use, though they now are commonly used for for advertising, mobile payments, URLs, virtual stores and more. Our barcode generator supports encoding QR codes with text or URL data. You can also specify an error correction level, which will dictate the “durability,” or the percentage of the code which can be damaged before rendering the code unusable.

Create QR codes


ITF Barcode Generator

ITF barcodes, otherwise known as The Interleaved 2 of 5, are generally used at the container level for products (example: a case of 12 boxes of cereal). ITF barcodes encode numeric-only data. To create an ITF barcode simply enter any number of numeric digits (the GS1 standard is 14 numeric digits).

Create ITF barcodes


Code 39 Barcode Generator

Code 39 was the first alphanumeric barcode to be created. It’s still commonly used in industrial applications, and by the US Department of Defense. Code 39 barcodes can be created using the following valid characters: capital letters A-Z, digits 0-9, and symbols -.$/+%*, and space.

Create Code 39 barcodes


Code 128 Barcode Generator

Code 128 barcodes are typically used by shipping and packaging companies for the container level of the supply chain. This high density barcode can encode alphanumeric and numeric-only data. To create Code 128 barcodes using our barcode generator, simply enter any by ASCII data.

Create Code 128 barcodes


We’re excited to keep building out our barcode generator offerings. Stay tuned for detailed API documentation and more features to come!



Choose the right barcode for your industry and use case.

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