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Enterprise asset management is the systematic process of tracking, maintaining and upgrading company assets. Depending on their size and specialty, businesses can be tasked with managing thousands of assets at once—ranging from computers and vehicles to documents. Fortunately, thanks to innovations in mobile computer vision, enterprises in any industry can leverage modern smart devices and apps to track and manage these resources. This approach gives business leaders key insights into how their assets are used, driving better asset investments and decision-making. But before you invest in this exciting technology, you need to understand the measurable benefits it can bring to your enterprise.

At Scandit, we lead the way in mobile computer vision. Our data capture technology software brings robust barcode scanning capabilities to standard consumer smart devices, turning them into potent asset tracking solutions. The Scandit solution brings enterprise-grade scanning performance to any mobile application, making asset and inventory management a breeze. Today, we’ll be touching on how barcode scanning technology can help you make enterprise asset management more effective and intuitive.

Asset Management in the Modern Enterprise

For many businesses, asset management is just another item on a long checklist of obligatory operations. Of course, it’s important to keep track of company assets to ensure they’re kept safe and returned to the right places after use, but that’s just one small piece of the puzzle. Asset management also plays an integral role in finding assets that go missing, resolving audits, and ensuring that company resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Which of your assets are being underutilized? Where can you redeploy them to generate greater business value? And indeed, when should these resources be upgraded or replaced entirely? These are essential questions that impact the performance of employees, customer experiences, and the security of your enterprise at large. And in order to answer them accurately, you need to track the use of assets in real time.

Benefits of Real-Time Asset Management

1. Workflow Transparency

By digitally tracking business assets in real time, you gain key insights into how these resources are deployed throughout the day. This data can be used to evaluate and improve utilization for any enterprise-owned asset, improving staff performance. Whether you’re managing delivery drivers, warehouse employees or store associates, real-time asset management makes it easy to hone in on the performance metrics of specific operations or staff—fostering transparency across your enterprise.

2. Enterprise Efficiency

Companies waste countless hours finding, repairing and replacing resources. And the longer this process takes, the longer these missing or malfunctioning assets inhibit employee performance and enterprise operations. With real-time asset tracking solutions, you can identify and address these problems as soon as they emerge, increasing staff productivity and efficiency.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Greater transparency and efficiency translate into superior quality assurance and service, both of which drive customer satisfaction. With real-time asset management, your staff can focus on customers instead of hunting down or repairing company assets—fostering engagement and better customer experiences. The result? Improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Leveraging Real-Time Asset Management

We’ve talked a lot about how real-time asset management can advance your enterprise, but what about implementation? How can you use asset tracking solutions to manage so many resources simultaneously—let alone condense all that data down into actionable insights? The secret lies in mobile computer vision. This innovative technology provides smart devices with robust data capture and barcode scanning capabilities—allowing them to record asset data via tracking apps.

By equipping your workforce with a barcode scanning-enabled mobile app, you can fully mobilize your asset management operations. Any employee in the field can deliver asset information with the tap of their smart device, making asset management effortless. Because staff already use smart devices and apps, these intuitive management tools don’t require training, making them easy to distribute across your workforce. So then, how should you go about building your asset tracking app—and augmenting it with mobile computer vision technology? That’s where the Scandit team can help.

Scandit Solutions for Enterprise Asset Management

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK is computer vision software that equips standard smart devices with enterprise-grade scanning capabilities. This asset management solution is compatible with a range of platforms (including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux), enabling any camera-equipped smart device to track, locate and decode barcodes in seconds. SDK-powered tracking apps use advanced image-recognition algorithms to process barcodes in any condition. From poor lighting conditions to worn, blurry and torn codes, Scandit technology brings unrivaled consistency to your data asset management operations.

The Barcode Scanner SDK is one of the most flexible asset tracking solutions on the market. And because the SDK is compatible with nearly any smart device, your business can adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) policy for its asset management efforts. Whether they’re at home, in the store, or out in the field, staff can communicate the status of assets with a single touch of their smart device. Not only does this approach reduce TCO overall, but it also minimizes adoption time since employees are already familiar with their devices. That means faster results, fewer technical issues and seamless asset tracking across your business.

Make Asset Management Effortless With Scandit

If you’re ready to implement the Barcode Scanner SDK into your asset management workflows, then be sure to check out our SDK demo apps. These demos scan all supported 1D and 2D code types, allowing you to leverage existing assets to try out the SDK—and see firsthand the impact it can have on your enterprise operations. Also, be sure to explore our whitepaper for more information on how Scandit is revolutionizing mobile data capture. This handy resource will give you detailed insights into how Scandit-powered smart devices can help your business lower TCO, improve operational costs and maximize productivity.

Last but not least, reach out to us if you have any questions about our robust asset tracking solutions—or asset management software in general. We’d be happy to connect you with all the information your team needs to create the perfect asset management system.