Customer Spotlight: LogCom — Pick By Vision for Logistics Warehouses with Scandit

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The logistics industry is rapidly changing as new technologies emerge to increase efficiency for common business processes throughout the supply chain. In this customer spotlight, we’re going to take a look at how Scandit’s software-based barcode scanner is helping logistics technology supplier Logcom provide innovative IT solutions for today’s logistics enterprises.

Logcom is a European logistics technology firm that produces Picavi, a pick by vision warehouse picking system that powers smart glasses to identify, scan and track orders for distribution. In a logistics warehouse, a worker often scans and processes thousands of shipments for distribution on any given day, meaning that even the smallest increase in efficiency can make a big difference for workflows over time. Unlike dedicated handheld barcode scanners traditionally used in picking scenarios, Picavi provide hands-free scanning that makes picking safer, less error-prone and more efficient for today’s logistics professionals.

Picavi works by leveraging the built-in camera, Scandit’s software-based barcode scanner and an integrated heads-up display on smart glasses to guide the warehouse picker through the identification and real time check process to ensure a picking process with high pick confidence and density. Making warehouse picking a one look—one pick—operation.

To learn more about Picavi and see Scandit’s mobile barcode scanner in action take a look at the product video below that takes a deeper look at Logcom’s solution.

Interested in leveraging smart glasses or other wearable tech for barcode scanning? Contact a Scandit representative to learn more.