Ensuring Efficient, On-Time Deliveries During COVID-19

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Ensuring Efficient, On-Time Deliveries During COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, post, parcel and express businesses are adopting new strategies to take time and costs out of day-to-day deliveries. For example, through innovative scanning software, delivery teams can use inexpensive smart devices to simplify the loading, sorting, searching, and tracking of packages—driving faster and more efficient delivery processes.

As a leader in computer vision technology, Scandit helps post, parcel and express companies across the world streamline deliveries with powerful mobile data capture tools. Today, let’s discuss how you can harness these solutions to ensure fast, safe and efficient deliveries during COVID-19.

The Growing Demand for Seamless Delivery

Consumers worldwide have turned to online shopping for essential supplies like groceries and medications  to maintain social distancing – and increasingly rely on e-commerce for other products and services while many physical stores remain closed or limit shopper numbers in store. As a result, we’ve seen a marked surge in demand for home deliveries across a wide range of retail markets. Post, parcel and express and other delivery enterprises are working hard to keep pace with this increased demand—and provide consumers with fast, excellent delivery service in a challenging environment.

Indeed, contactless delivery has become even more essential for today’s retail and delivery teams. This approach helps to enforce social distancing while keeping both consumers and delivery drivers as safe as possible. That’s why we’ve built a smartphone-based solution to help delivery companies fulfill increased demand for intuitive, contact-free delivery where recipients don’t need to touch a driver’s device, but the enterprise still gets a signature confirmation.

Scandit’s Contactless Proof of Delivery App is available for free and immediate deployment until September 30, 2020. This simple tool helps shoppers and delivery drivers practice social distancing by enabling customers to sign and confirm receipt of parcels using their own smart devices.

The web app uses Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web—allowing it to work in the browser of any device. That means recipients can sign for their packages without downloading anything. They can simply open the app on their device, scan their package and sign on their own device to confirm delivery. Most importantly, our app is easy to integrate with your existing proof of delivery workflows, so you can put it to work for your customers and delivery staff extremely quickly.

Mobile Computer Vision for Delivery Companies

Along with contactless proof of delivery, Scandit technology can support your post, parcel and express team across a variety of use cases, from the distribution center all the way to the final point of delivery. By equipping your delivery staff with computer vision-enabled smart devices, you can reduce costs and improve processes in ways traditional barcode scanners cannot—driving efficiency and transparency in the process:

Loading Parcels in the Distribution Center

With Scandit’s MatrixScan software, delivery drivers can use augmented reality (AR) to scan multiple barcodes at once—and view detailed AR feedback on where each package comes in their delivery schedule. This feature enables drivers to load parcels into their vehicles in the most efficient order for their route, saving valuable time at every stop.

Delivering Special Parcels

Scandit-enabled smart devices help drivers identify (and redirect) time-sensitive or high-value parcels with a single quick scan. Delivery drivers can even view real-time instructions for these special packages via AR feedback, supporting on-time, first-time deliveries.

Driver Search & Find

Our barcode scanning solution makes it easy for drivers to manage parcels in their vehicles. The MatrixScan AR feature lets users scan multiple packages at once—displaying customer details, real-time delivery info, or even which items are due for delivery next. This feature allows drivers to quickly identify a single parcel in their vans, dramatically improving workforce efficiency.

Parcel Status Checks

With the help of mobile data capture, drivers are able to check any special requirements for packaged items immediately before delivery with their own smart devices. Scandit-powered smart devices give drivers instant insight into parcel status details, ensuring any strict delivery requirements are met.

Returned/Undelivered Parcel Sorting

Our innovative barcode scanning technology allows employees (or temporary workers) to scan returned or undelivered parcels almost instantly. Users can view detailed information on parcels to sort and redirect items as soon as possible.

Sprinting the Last Mile with Mobile Computer Vision

Your enterprise can leverage mobile barcode scanning and augmented reality to add value across all three stages of the last mile: the Distribution Center, Point of Delivery, and Pickup and Dropoff (PUDO). To get started now, check out our Best Practices Guide for Last Mile Delivery. This in-depth resource will show you how inexpensive smart devices equipped with Scandit technology can reduce Last Mile delivery cost with minimal user training—as well as improve traceability, accuracy and delivery times.

Explore Scandit Delivery Solutions Today

To learn more about Scandit and our high-performance data capture software, contact us today. Our team will walk you through how your employees can deploy mobile computer vision to drive down delivery costs and maximize safety during COVID-19. We’re committed to providing all the tools your business needs to keep customers and drivers safe throughout and long after this crisis.