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Covid has forced brick and mortar retail to pivot operations – to keep staff and customers safe while responding to the e-commerce boom.

As shoppers return in-store, retailers risk losing out on revenue-boosting opportunities. They need a full range of options, including Self-Scanning, Bopis, Curbside Pick-up, Click & Collect, and Same-day Delivery.

Reworking store operations to synchronize more efficiently with the increasing demands of ‘new norm’ retailing is imperative.

The answer? An all-in-one smartphone device for store operations offers affordable and easily deployable high-performance barcode scanning on everyday devices.

Here we see how it can transform your store’s operations.

Smartphone scanning does it all for less

A barcode scanning smartphone can handle many store operations tasks. It is also an affordable and flexible way to empower store associates.

In fact, it is estimated productivity can be increased by as much as 34%.

Smartphones also provide employee communication, especially critical since the demise of large staff meetings.

Additionally, Scandit’s mobile computer vision guarantees high-performance scanning. It is also deployable on over 20,000 different camera-equipped device models.

So it provides a new level of employee engagement as well as integration with back-end systems. In the video below, Scandit’s VP Product, CTO and co-founder Christian Floerkemeier outlines the many advantages for store staff.

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Build engagement through the COPE model

The ability to fulfill numerous tasks – using features like Text Recognition and Augmented Reality (AR) – with one device provides an instant efficiency boost. Tasks include Inventory Management, Stock Reordering, Clienteling, and Price Verification.

The shift to an all-in-one scanning tool is a trend Scandit’s VP Product, CTO and co-founder Christian Floerkemeier has been observing closely.

He says: “What we’re seeing is that mobile scanning, and the smartphone in particular – is the only device that you need for operational tasks, as well as for communication and for interaction with your workforce.”

Grocery store order fulfilment barcode scanning with iPhone

By handing the store associate their own phone through the COPE model (corporate-owned, personally-enabled) they become more engaged with the device.

Floerkemeier adds: “You need only a single device, no longer a rugged scanner or a separate phone that allows you to do all tasks efficiently and an employee loves to carry around all day. Potentially, they can even use as a regular smartphone in their free time.”

DM optimizes retail operations with smartphone scanning

Right now, smartphone scanning is seeing substantial adoption by brick and mortar retailers globally.

Germany’s drugstore chain, dm-drogerie markt, has streamlined its merchandise management processes with Scandit’s MatrixScan and Augmented Reality technology.

Dm used a COPE strategy when it handed its 25,000 employees smartphones for customer service-related tasks. The devices capture multiple barcodes with a single scan, enabling accurate product search and product data capture.

AR gives them critical access to real-time product information. As a result, staff can quickly handle any customer inquiries in-store.

Speaking about the initiative, Roman Melcher, CIO at dm-drogerie markt said: “With the use of smartphones and MatrixScan, we are taking a big step forward in the continuing digitization of our processes.”

Unexpected benefits with mobile computer vision

Barcode scanning tasks are not the only areas that can benefit from integrating Scandit’s mobile computer vision software.

From an HR and employee safety perspective, having an effective single tool that can also communicate remotely adds another dimension. Moreover, smart devices perform all of the usual voice, video, and text functions, and image capture.

One device means avoiding the dreaded Frankenstack. Here every technology piece is beautiful in its own right but when combined create a monstrous whole.

Grocery store stock check

Plus, the last thing a store associate wants is to juggle several different devices to complete their full range of activities.

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Speaking on the recent Scandit webinar, Omni Talk CEO Chistopher Walton said: “Retail device availability inside a store is no easy feat. You had usually these large hand-scanning guns.

“I can remember running my store. We probably had like five or six of them. They weren’t available to everybody. But now when you start talking about the features and the capabilities that can be housed on a simple mobile device, it’s as big as your phone.”

Connecting systems seamlessly and having one lightweight and long-powered device for all tasks – Shelf Management, Order Fulfillment, and Click & Collect – is the solution for a high-functioning retail ecosystem.

One store operations device for now and the future

Rising e-commerce sales and the pandemic have led to changes in how stores operate. Staff need to cover off more tasks – and the smartphone can help with all of them.

Furthermore, Scandit’s mobile computer vision technology means it is easy to develop new store operations applications.

So you can be future-proof as your stores evolve.